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Pool company takes $105K, abandons project

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A Peoria man said a pool company took more than $100,000, but never finished the job it was contracted to do. (Source: 3TV) A Peoria man said a pool company took more than $100,000, but never finished the job it was contracted to do. (Source: 3TV)

For $105,000, a Peoria man was expecting to transition his backyard into a paradise, but he says the pool company that he paid wound up walking off the job.

"This is what it's supposed to look like," Frank Karsai said.

He had big plans for a backyard paradise, and the project was pricey -- $105,543.41. 

For all that money that he paid up front, what does Karsai have to show? Not what he paid for.

Karsai gave 3 On Your Side a tour of his backyard. 

"All of the piping that's down at the bottom of the pool are all automatic cleaning heads for the pool system," he explained.

Instead of a backyard oasis it's a backyard headache. 

Karsai said it all started back in 2013, when he hired a company called Precision AquaScapes owned by Kevin Woodhurst.

3 On Your Side found online articles referring to Woodhurst as an expert in the pool industry. But according to Karsai, this so-called expert has taken a two-month project and stretched into two years. 

"It's very frustrating," he said.

Karsai said the job was completely abandoned with just over half of the work actually completed.

Gary Harper went to the business to find out what’s going on. 

"It's completely shut down, and the inside is emptied out," Harper said.

By the looks of the inside, things didn't look promising. A check of Precision AquaScapes shows it voluntarily canceled its contracting license, but not without first racking up complaints from eight customers who also had a beef with Woodhurst.  

After some more digging, 3 On Your Side discovered the pool expert has been job-hopping at several different pool companies. 

The pool company said they employed Woodhurst but got rid of him because "wasn't a good fit."  

Karsai said he's not surprised, saying Woodhurst wasn't a good fit for him either. 

"I want other people to know who this person is, what company that they represented and how they treated a customer that paid in full," Karsai said.

Precision AquaScapes isn't the first pool company Woodhurst has opened and then closed. State records show he's done it at least one other time, as well.

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