Thursday Sept. 24

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Arizona Restaurant Week

For a list of participating restaurants, menus and prices, go to Arizona Restaurant Week runs through Sept. 27.

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is Saturday, Sept. 26. To find a collection site near you, check out or

Veterans Career Fair

A special event aimed a veterans and their spouses looking for a job will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The event starts from 11 am to 3 pm.

More than 400 veterans are expected to attend and network with veteran-friendly employers, including TJX Companies, Inc., Apple Inc. and American Family Insurance.

For more information and registration:

Thursday, September 24

11:00am to 3:00pm

University of Phoenix Stadium

1 Cardinals Drive

Glendale, AZ 85305

Capitol Cleaners

If you are a dropped clothes for cleaning at Capitol Cleaners and were unable to get your clothes back because of them shutting down, you are now able to retrieve your garments at Galaxy Cleaners in Goodyear.

Galaxy Cleaners

1120 N. Estrella Parkway, Goodyear


Micro Scholarships

Saving for college, one good grade at a time. A website is letting students rack up thousands of dollars in Scholarships, while they are still in school.

The website: “” have some schools gives you up to one thousand dollars per course for an “A.” Perfect attendance for a year up to $600.00. If you play sports you earn up to $300.00.

For more information go their website:

Dave Owens, Garden Guy

Contact Dave at or visit

Grand Canyon Free

You can go to the Grand Canyon for free. This Saturday, September 26th is National Public Lands Day. Park officials are waving the entrance fee. You’ll still have to pay for camping, reservations, tours and concessions.

For more information on Free entrance Days in the National Park:

Built a Closet

Is your closet a mess and not organized?  Are you frustrated with your closets at home because they are built-in or you can't change the layout to better fit your needs?

The Container Store has the answer for you. Laura Zimmer shows us the freestanding “elfa” style closet. The “elfa’ is a customizable component based shelving and drawer system that is so easy to install and works great at home.

 She also shows some product that you a can use for your closet.


Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer ($9.99)

With the season changing, now is the time to make sure you have the closet organized so you can make an easy transition from your summer to Fall/Winter wardrobe. By focusing on these six areas long hang, short hang, drawers, shelves, shoes and accessories - you can organize any closet no matter the size to fit the upcoming season!  

Long Hang You’ll want to transition your space once used for summer dresses and skirts and dedicate this long hanging space for coats, long skirts and fall dresses.  Using the same hanger throughout the closet will give you a clean, consistent look. 


Walnut Basic Shirt Hangers


Short Hang - The majority of your hanging garments fall into this category, which includes shirts, blazers and folded pants.  For greater space efficiency, Short Hanging items are double hung, which is positioned in two rows, one above the other.  Using slim hangers for your shirts and light sweaters is great as they remove the bulk and allow you to hang more garments. You can also opt for a gliding rack to keep all your pants tidy and easily accessible.


Huggable Hangers Platinum Drawers

Drawers can accommodate everything from jeans to sweaters to lingerie or socks things you'd normally put in a dresser.  Using drawer organizers can help you separate items by color.    Visibility is key - choose containers that are either transparent or that you can easily label to help immediately identify the contents and will help save valuable time. 

This is our newest style of elfa drawer. Our Solid Drawers make transitioning from season to season a snap. Each drawer has lids that you can use to make them go straight from drawer to shelf!  See how we have this drawer of swim and beach wear? We can easily swap it out with a drawer of winter wear, place a lid on the summer bin and store it at the top of the closet until next year. Voila!


Demonstration of Solid Drawers which can become seasonal storage boxes

Shelves to maximize the most of your closet space, you want to go vertical by utilizing shelves.  Again, a great solution for storing out of season gear is our new solid elfa drawers, but if you want to add some color or pattern we certainly have a solution that will fit your style. Our Fabric Tote Boxes are great for seasonal storage, keep dust out and fold flat when not in use.  Make sure you are labeling the tote box or using a box with a window allows you to find what you're looking for quickly and easily. 

Remember that the items you need most often should be the easiest to access.  Likewise, place the items you don't need to get to as often on a higher shelf or in another area.


Baroque Fabric Tote Boxes 

Linen Drop Front Boxes

Shoes its boot season! Flip flops and sandals can be stored away in clear plastic boxes or the drop front boxes on a higher shelf.  Remember to keep shoes you wear on a regular basis no matter the weather - on a gliding rack or on a shelf that is easy to reach.   Seasonal shoes like boots can now be taken out of their storage boxes, but you still want to protect their shape by standing them up and inserting boot shapers.  This will keep the form of your boot in-tact and allow them to breathe at the end of the day.


Our Boot Box

Our Boot Shapers

Accessories lastly with accessories we discussed storing jewelry in visible trays in your closet last hour, but fall brings many other fun accessories to the center stage such as scarves and hats.  If you're limited on drawer or shelf space you can hang your scarves with specialty hangers like this.  You can also keep fall accessories like hats and scarves tucked away in a clear hat box on a shelf in your closet so you can still keep it visible and accessible.


Walnut 10-Scarf Hardwood Hanger

Medium Clarity Hat Box

Small Clarity Hat Box

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