Don't call ASU's Demario Richard 'Little Richard'

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In football nicknames often trump the player's actual name.

The Refrigerator… Primetime… Sweetness… Megatron… etc.

So after Demario Richard’s huge game against New Mexico – the Pac12 Network’s Lincoln Kennedy unleashed a new nickname

Kennedy said during a post-game highlight, "Good things happen when you give the ball to Little Richard."

Demario Richard was not a fan saying, "Na man, that's for the birds."

The running back sent a tweet out asking people to “please stop calling me "Little Richard" Thank you.”

The two even had an exchange on Twitter. Kennedy said he was a big fan and Richard thanked him for his support.

There are plenty of other nicknames to choose from. We Like:

Baby Beast Mode

King Richard

And Super Demario

Richard doesn’t have a favorite, "Whatever the fans want besides Little Richard. You can call me whatever you want besides Little Richard. I have so many nicknames it’s not even funny."