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UPDATE: Solar company accused of consumer fraud

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A Valley solar company finds itself in hot water with the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

3 On Your Side is very familiar with this company because we've aired several news reports in the past about the operation.

Well, now the company is back in the news, this time for violating the state's consumer fraud act.

Ron Tuszynski said he's just one of many victims when it comes to a company called Epcon Solar.

He said he hired Epcon to help him go solar. However, Tuszynski said he found out later that some of his solar panels were installed incorrectly.

Not only that, but Tuszynski said Epcon also reneged on covering more than $5,000 worth of fees associated with the panels.

"They gave me different answers and I really got the runaround," said Tuszynski.

3 On Your Side has exposed Epcon's troubled history before, including numerous former Epcon employees, who all claim they're owed thousands of dollars after their Epcon paychecks bounced or they weren't paid at all.

In previous reports, Epcon always refused to talk to 3 On Your Side or give an explanation.

Well now, the company is in trouble again.

The Arizona Attorney General's Office just announced that it has settled a consumer fraud lawsuit against Epcon. 

Attorney General Mark Brnovich tells 3 On Your Side he wants his message heard loud and clear:

"I want crooks, scammers, cheats, con artists to know that they have a prosecutor in the AG's office, and I'm gonna do everything I can to make their life miserable."

The AG's lawsuit doesn't mention employee back wages.

Instead, the suit targets Epcon over its telephone solicitation and marketing practices. Claiming among other things that, Epcon is, "a fraudulent solar installation company who preyed on Arizona consumers..."

For example, it accuses the solar company of ignoring the National Do Not Call list and calling people anyway.

The lawsuit also claims Epcon violated the state's Consumer Fraud Act by misrepresenting energy savings and failing to allow homeowners to cancel their contracts within the allowed time.

As a result, Epcon has agreed to pay $40,000 in restitution to customers who filed complaints with the AG's Office.

The company also agreed to change the way it does business or risk being fined more in the future.

"We want to make sure that there's somebody out there protecting hard-working Arizona taxpayers, and that's my job," Brnovich said.

As for Tuszynski, he had to have another company re-install his solar panels correctly, and he's glad he's gone green.

"Well I'm glad that it's gotten that far up so that they could put a stop to it so that other consumers don't have to go through this and deal with the frustration that I had to go through," said Tuszynski.

If you did business with Epcon and you feel you were taken advantage of, file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office because you might be entitled to restitution.

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