Victim of I-10 freeway shooter tells his story

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

One of the victims of the freeway shooting spree talked to us about his terrifying experience, and about the arrest of Leslie Merritt, Jr.

 "I'm extremely happy that he's in a cage at Fourth Avenue Jail where he belongs," says Robert McDonald, Jr. 

McDonald was at a Phoenix restaurant with his family Friday night when he heard the news that the freeway shooting suspect was arrested.

McDonald says a bus that he was driving on August 29 was one of those vehicles hit by bullets.

"It's a stupid thing that he did and now he's going to pay for it, possibly for the rest of his life in prison," he says.

McDonald is in southern California and had to drive the stretch of the I-10 in Phoenix last night where the shooting happened.

"I did get shaky. I did get concerned," he says. "I'm not going to deny that and I sure did say a prayer."

This weekend he brought a tour group from Phoenix to Costa Mesa, California in the same type of bus he drove on August 29.

"I heard a loud bang," he says. "I thought a rock had hit me or I may have run over something." But it was a gunshot.

He showed us where the bullet came in, at an angle headed for him in the driver's seat.

Somehow the bullet lodged in the second row seat, probably saving his life.

"Somebody was with me that day, whether it be my angel or my guardian angel or whoever, something definitely saved me that day," he says.

He says his wife and two children were relieved to see him come home safely that night.

His friends told him he should have played the lottery that night with the luck that he had.

In fact, he did play the lottery that day!

"I ended up winning four dollars on the Powerball," he laughs.

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