Freeway drivers still asked to be vigilant

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

With no official suspect in custody DPS is still monitoring the freeways and asking drivers to be vigilant. 

Valley drivers are cautiously optimistic about DPS questioning a man, Friday, in connection with the i-10 shootings.

Chris Ross, who takes the interstate, says "it lets me know they're doing their job i do have faith in our law enforcement they're on top of it." We asked him, "Are you still going to keep an eye out?" He said, "of course, not just for this but for anything you know."

DPS cautioning, they're only questioning a man in connection with the I-10 shootings

Investigators say they're not conclusively tying him to this case and say he could have information on other cases.

Samuel Catlett, who's been following the shootings says, "when they're questioning someone it doesn't mean they will arrest them they could be questioning hundreds of people."

For now, the shooter tip-line will still flash on highway signs.

Investigators are still telling drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

DPS Public Information Officer, Bart Graves says, "Observe strange behavior, perhaps another driver driving that's driving down the road with you."

DPS says this is an ongoing investigation.

Drivers are still baffled that nearly a dozen vehicles have been shot on Arizona freeways in the last two weeks and the gunman or gunmen could still be out there. 

Mike Fivela says, "it's weird how someone has no respect for people's every day lives."

Scott Wexler says, "it's terrible a lot of people I know don't take the I-10 because of that reason hopefully they can get this individual into custody."

Ross says, "in this day and age there is so much to be happy for thankful for then then some nitt witt goes out and makes everybody fear for their lives."

Police say if you see something strange or have information about the shootings, call the tipline.

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