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Update: 'Shuttered' Scottsdale family gets their money back

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Parul Patel was sure the money her family paid for new shutters was gone for good. (Source: 3TV) Parul Patel was sure the money her family paid for new shutters was gone for good. (Source: 3TV)

A Scottsdale family thought they would never see their money again. They gave nearly $2,400 to a Valley business to make window shutters but received nothing in return. We first told you about the Patel family just a few weeks ago. They were desperate to get their money back, and after 3 On Your Side got involved that's exactly what happened.

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"Now we got the money back; we can spend the money for other shutters." 

Parul Patel and her family say they are thrilled to finally have their money back. As 3 On Your Side told you in a previous report, the Patel family wanted to replace the window blinds inside their Scottsdale home with wooden shutters. To do that, they hired a company called Sunset Shutters.  

After talking with Alvaro Ramirez, who, according to the company's website, is part of the national sales department, they shelled out $2,350 in cash to start the process.

"The guy came, measured everything out [and then] came back a few days later and he had us pay him in cash," Kartik Patel said.

But after taking the money, Ramirez stopped talking to the Patels. The family never got their shutter. 

Patel said the family called Ramirez repeatedly.

"He wasn't answering us," she said.

You may recall 3 On Your Side went to Sunset Shutters and discovered their so-called showroom was nothing more than a place where Ramirez would pick up company mail. 

When we visited his "office," we were told it was simply a small room Ramirez would rent to meet potential customers. There really was not a business office. 

We did reach him on the phone and told him to return all the money he took from the Patels; that’s exactly what he did. 

Ramirez did the right thing and paid Patels in full, all $2,350. 

The Patels said they are glad they contacted 3 On Your Side. 

"The guy gave us money back and we are so happy with that and thanks to Channel 3," Patel said. "They support us, really happy with that and thanks a lot."

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