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Update: Casa Grande woman can close the door on recall issue

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A flying door problem has been pretty frustrating for a Casa Grande, Arizona woman.

Frannie Metcalfe said she's out money and she doesn't feel safe but things turned around once 3 On Your Side got involved.

“I knew 3 On Your Side was going to come to my rescue." Frannie Metcalfe can finally back out of her garage and feel relaxed behind the wheel of her 2011 Ford Fiesta but just a few months ago it was quite a different story.

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, we showed you how Metcalfe had to use a yellow strap to tie her passenger door shut. Without that strap, her door would actually swing wide open over and over and that’s quite a safety hazard.

"I didn't feel like my life was in danger because my driver door never opened but I was scared for my grandson being in the car," she said. 

And there were other doors on Metcalfe's car that swung open. "Twice on the back right side, once on the left side in the back and now it's on the front of the passenger side," Metcalfe said.

She said swinging doors has been an ongoing problem. In fact, her back doors had the same problem but it was fixed by Ford and covered under the manufacturer's warranty, but her car is now out of warranty and Metcalfe had to pay $311 to get her passenger door fixed.

That just didn't seem right so 3 On Your Side got involved and Ford told us that a recall had just been issued. As a result they wound up returning the money Metcalfe spent fixing her door.

Metcalfe went on to say; "I paid for it out of pocket, I figured it was a loss then I called 3 On Your Side, you guys called them and all of a sudden they reimbursed me."

But what about her other doors?  Metcalfe was concerned they would swing open again. So she asked her dealership to replace the faulty door parts under the newly issued recall, but she says the dealer said not until the door swung open again.

Metcalfe says she was told, "Ford isn't going to do anything until the door breaks again they don't have enough parts to fix the cars so they're just going to let it ride until it breaks again and when that happens just call us up again we'd be happy to fix the door lock."

After contacting Ford again they sent us an email stating, "Parts are now available to complete this safety recall and are expected to arrive at the dealership by mid-week. We would encourage Ms. Metcalf to contact her dealer to make an appointment to have this safety recall performed."

After that email, Metcalfe got a call from the dealer two hours later to set up that appointment. She said she is thankful that all of her doors will now be fixed with new parts and she appreciates 3 On Your Side helping to get her $311 returned as well.

"If they hadn't stepped in I would still be without my car, I’d have a broken door and I wouldn't have my reimbursement so it's been excellent, they've been awesome," Metcalfe said. "Every time I had an issue or a question I would contact them, they would get right back to me and it was absolutely perfect."

Metcalfe is not the only one experiencing this problem, other Ford Fiesta owners are as well. Those owners should contact their dealer to have those doors fixed.

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