Way to save money, energy and maintain your air conditioner

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  • Update your Thermostat to a Smart Thermostat: The Nest, The Lyric or WiFi Smart Touch Screen Thermostat from Honeywell.  Control these Thermostats from your Smart Phone, notifications on when to change your filters and extreme temperatures, cooling the house down before you get home, etc.
  • Duct Insulation: 10% to 30% of the air going through the ducts can escape through duct joints, which keeps your A/C Unit running longer and harder, costs more money and wastes energy. One way prevent this and lower your Energy Bill is to wrap your Ducts with Duct Insulation, also available in Self Sticking. Easy to install and will give amazing results!
  • Use the correct A/C Air Filter.
  • If you want to save the most money, use the least restrictive filters that are very economical. They need to be changed more frequently, at least every 30 days. 
  • On up from there, the filters are on a number system from 4 to 10. The higher the number the more filtration the filter provides, which also restricts the air flow more.
  • For the best Air Quality use a higher number filter, for maximum Air Flow and money savings use the lowest number filter.
  • There are also Vent Filters, to filter the air coming out of the vents, Magnetic Vent covers, Vent Air Fresheners that get sprayed directly on the A/C Filters before installation and A/C Unit Coil Cleaner.
  • Also, available at the Home Depot, A/C 10 Point Check up on sale now and Nest Thermostat Installation with 10 point A/C Check up for only $99.00!