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IHOP “Share a Smile”

IHOP restaurants are offering $1 short stacks today from 7 am to 7pm at any participating IHOP restaurants in the valley. IHOP Restaurants has joined forces with No Kid Hungry to bring an end to childhood hunger. Both IHOP and No Kid Hungry are celebrating “Share a Smile" Day when they will offer guests a short stack of the brand's famous buttermilk pancakes for $1 with 50 cents benefiting No Kid Hungry. IHOP and No Kid Hungry share the philosophy that starting the day with breakfast, and a smile, is extremely important, and have targeted a goal of providing 2.5 million meals this year.

To find a local IHOP restaurant near you, visit www.ihop.com

DUFL Baggage

Here‘s a deal for any traveling sales person. How would like to arrive to your destination and your business clothes are already there? Then when you leave you throw your dirty items back in the suitcase and someone else picks them up and takes them to cleaners and even packs them for you.

DUFL baggage is a new app from a local company based out of Tempe that handle your business clothes and now it is so popular it is going international.

Available via an iOS, Android and web app,. Learn about more about DUFL at www.dufl.com.

90 minutes in Heaven

Can you imagine being pronounced dead for 90 minutes and during that time experience Heaven?  Don and Eva Piper talk about their experience when Don was declared dead by rescue workers.  Don discusses that his soul experience love, joy and the life he’d never know before. He was in Heaven.

After 90 minutes in Heaven Don was came back to life and started to have excruciating never-ending pain. The piper family tells their incredible true story of perseverance and overcoming the challenges of life and death will bring hope and encouragement to all who see it.

This story is now being made to a movie. To find out more information go:

www.90MinutesInHeavenTheMovie.com or


Kitchen Clutter

From expired food in pantries and the fridge to cluttered tables and counters, The DeClutter Coach Deb Cabral is here to tell us how we can take control of kitchen clutter.

Make the Kitchen The Family Hub Calendar with important dates

Set up Zones

-Launch Zone  a place for backpacks, keys, jackets, etc.

-Lunch Zone  keep all of the items for your kids lunches in shelf on fridge

-Snack Zone  create a snack zone with accessible snacks kids can get themselves

The Cabinets and Pantry  get rid of plastic containers you do not use and toss expired foods.  If there are unexpired foods you do not use donate them to a food bank.

Tables and Countertops  Refrain from keeping lots of paper clutter or extra small appliances rarely used out on display.  You want to be able to have extra space to cook and enjoy meals.

That Junk Drawer  Organize your junk in compartments, keeping pens together, coupons, small tools, etc.


-Stinky food in the fridge or lots of takeout  go through your fridge weekly and try to keep healthy ingredients

-Lots of clutter on the fridge  magnets, notes, kids art

For more information go to:

Cabral Enterprises
Deb Cabral  The DeClutter Coach

Sue Grafton

It started with “A is for Alibi” in 1982. The “B, C, D” before she knew it Sue Grafton had  a mere 23 Best sellers. Dozens of Awards for her Alphabet series featuring the character of Kensey Milhone. Now she has her 24th book “X.”

Of the title, Sue says to USA Today, "I first thought of using 'X is for Xenophobe' or Xenophobia, which suggests a fear of foreigners, but alas, not one single foreigner materialized in the course of the writing," Grafton says. "There's a box of files with an X on the lid, a Father Xavier, a married couple whose last name is Xanakis, and a missing painting of a xebec which is a three-masted sailing vessel, but none of these seemed to encompass the whole. Finally, it occurred to me that since I was the one who invented this 'rule's … I was surely entitled to break it."

Sue Grafton will be at the Poison Pen to discuss her book “X.”

Tuesday, August 25 at 7 PM
Poisoned Pen at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel
2400 East Missouri Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016


Chevron Cook

Where do you get your ingredients for you meal? A grocery store? How about the local gas station. Susanne Clark, the regional game day winner came up with a recipe where all the ingredients can be found at local Chevron/Texaco Store.

She shows us how she made her winning dish, Game day Crispy Chicken sandwiches. You too can enter the Game Day Cooking and have your meal that’s prepared by the ingredients from Chevron/Texaco convenience store and win $25,000.

For more information : www.thegamedaychef.com

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