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Valley woman gets $1,000 refunded from warranty company

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Pamela Zydek (Source: KTVK) Pamela Zydek (Source: KTVK)
Pamela Zydek (Source: KTVK) Pamela Zydek (Source: KTVK)

Things sure have turned around since we last saw Pamela Zydek on 3 On Your Side.   

"It's great! I got my money back," Zydek told 3 On Your Side.” I didn't anticipate getting any money back."

As readers may recall, Zydek has a passion for sports cars and she recently sold one of her favorite vehicles. 

"This is the car," she said as she held up one of her photographs. "I love this car. It's a 2013 Grand Sport."

When Zydek initially purchased the vehicle, she also bought a three-year extended warranty from a company called Direct Buy Warranty.

However, Zydek wound up selling her car after only one year and Direct Buy Warranty was supposed to return the remaining two years of warranty back to her, which amounted to around $1,000.

But, Zydek said in our first 3 On Your Side report that getting Direct Buy Warranty to return her phone calls and her money was like pulling teeth. 

"I don't know how you can legitimately take people's money and promise things and not be held accountable." 

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3 On Your Side got involved and after numerous inquiries, no one from Direct Buy Warranty ever called back. That may explain why they have an "F" rating with Better Business Bureau.

They were banned from doing business in New Jersey for reportedly violating that state's Consumer Fraud Act.

After 3 On Your Side's report aired, Zydek said she finally got a call and it was from the CEO of Direct Buy Warranty. According to Zydek, he said he saw 3 On Your Side's report on the Internet.  

"Yea, I was surprised,” Zydek said. “He was very apologetic. He went on to explain what is happening to his company and why the bad customer service." 

According to Zydek, not only did he apologize, but he also immediately returned her $1,000 for the unused portion of her extended warranty.

Zydek said she can't believe she has her money back and says without 3 On Your Side's involvement, she never would have gotten her money back at all. 

And, it's money she really needs right now.  

"Well, I’m in the middle of buying a house so it's going to my closing costs,” she said. “So, that was a big help for my closing costs."

3 On Your Side appreciates Direct Buy Warranty's CEO stepping up, getting involved and returning Zydek's money.

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