Make your own decorative shelf with hooks

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Ready to get organized and create something not only useful but beautiful? Here's an easy project you can do at home. Home Depot's Debbie Hernandez shows us how to make a decorative shelf with hooks.

Materials and Tools:

-One 2x6x8 board cut to 30" 

-One 2x8x8 board cut to 26"

-Wood Casing cut to fit 

-Paint or Stain

-Wood Glue

-2 1/2" screws

-1 1/4" brad nails

-Three Hooks

-150 grit Sandpaper


-Miter Saw


-Tape Measure

-Brad Nailer or Hammer


-Cut wood to recommended lengths

(Adjust measurements to fit space if needed)

-Use a line of wood glue and a clamp to position the 2"x6"x30" board on top of the 2"x8"x26", leaving 2" on each side.

-Use a drill to pre-drill holes (prevents the wood from splitting) and to drive the 2 1/2" wood screws through the top of the 2"x6" board into 2"x8" board.

-Measure and mark the wood casing to fit the front and the sides of the 2"x8" board. The casing should be cut at a 45 degree angle. The front piece will be 26" (short point to short point) and the sides will be measured and cut to fit.

-Use a line of wood glue and a Brad nailer with 1 1/4" Brad nails to attach the casing to the 2"x8" board.

-Sand where needed.

-Finish the shelf with paint or stain. Let dry.

-Attach hooks along the front of the 2"x8" board.

-Hang shelf into a stud or use anchors.

Come join us at your nearest Home Depot for this months  free "DO IT HERSELF WORKSHOP" Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

For more information, go to any Home Depot or contact Debbie at the Arrowhead Home Depot in Glendale 623-376-0278.

Also, visit the Home Depot Debbie Hernandez Facebook page.

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