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Job Fairs

-Health Plan One

Health Plan One will be having a job fair today from 10 am to 4 pm at their Black Canyon offices in Phoenix. They are looking to fill 180 positions including licensed health insurance sales agents, sales supervisors and workforce management specialist. Job seekers are encouraged to apply ahead of time in order to speed the process up during the job fair. Their website is:

13430 N. Black Canyon Hwy. #290,
Phoenix, AZ 85029

For more information contact Josie Brown at

-Veteran Job fair

There will be a veteran job fair today at the Maricopa Skills Center. The fair takes place from 11 am to 2 pm. The job fair is open to the general public but is focused on getting veterans back to work. Some employers looking to hire include U-Haul, Phoenix Police, Lowes and UPS. Job seekers can register online at

Maricopa Skills Center
1245 East Buckeye Road
Phoenix, AZ 85034


AC Myths

With the extreme heat warnings, keeping the A/C off is not much of an options. Electric bills are going up and many homeowners have misconceptions about how to lower their A/C during these hot months like turning off the A/C when they’re not home  or just keeping it the same temperature all day long.

Erik Bryan, owner of Precision Air and Heating tells us the misconceptions of trying to save money with the A/C.

Myth- It’s more efficient to leave your A/C running when you aren't home than it is to turn down the thermostat and re-cool the house when you get home at night.

Fact - It is far more inefficient and expensive to leave A/C  on all day than it is to turn it off or raise the thermostat.

Myth- Leaving ceiling fans on will help cool a room and help alleviate the work of the A/C unit.

Fact-Leaving your ceiling fan on when you aren't in the room is a waste of energy and money because fans cool people, not rooms.

Myth- Purchasing an energy efficient A/C unit will automatically reduce your electric bill.

Fact- Buying an energy efficient A/C unit will definitely help, but size is an even more important factor. Your unit needs to be the right size for the space you are trying to cool in order to operate efficiently.

Precision Air & Heating
3045 N. Colorado St.
Chandler, AZ 85225
(602) Fix-MyAC


Nitrogen Cooled Ice Cream

 We all love ice cream but when it’s made using liquid nitrogen even the big kids get a kick out of it. Ice cream uses modern day technology combined with old-school ingredients to make it custom, made to order treats that the whole family will love.

Jon Cooper, owner of iCream Café’ shows us how liquid nitrogen improves ice cream and what are some of the flavors and combinations are available with this ice cream.

iCream Café
Mesa Riverview
929 N. Dobson Road,
Mesa, AZ 85201


Brand Yourself

 I know you’ve heard of the  business buzz word of “Branding,” but how do you determine what “Brand” your business or how to capitalize on it to make some money. Ali Craig, Branding expert  shows us how to look at your “Brand” before you start up and how you can stand out from the masses.

Be Legally Brand -  
By that I mean make sure your domain name or url is not only available but also do a trademark search.   The last thing you want to do is get a cease and desist letter.

Don't be Brand Basic -
Power of the image and the image is power.  Don't just group yourself with everyone else in your category  know what makes you stand out.

Dress Your Brand Name -
If you think sitting at home in your pajamas is the life of an entrepreneur, think again.  Studies show designated workplace and work clothes make a productive brand.  Besides, if someone actually calls you for a last minute meeting, you do not want to head to Starbucks in your yoga pants.

Don't be Brandom -
From how you dress to the words you use to define your brand, website, social media, etc.  all reflect your company.  Those free business cards with the manufacturers name on the back are not going to cut it.  Your cousin who dabbles in graphic design doing your website will most likely not make a cohesive brand.

Brainy Brands = A Ten -
Even the perfume you where could define your brand,  you need to make a lasting impression and hit all the senses through smell, strategic color, texture, sound, touch because you want that potential customer to think of you for more than ten minutes.  Through the senses you will literally create more blood flow in a brain bundle branch that will bring you and your brand top of mine. In that ten minutes they will either act on that impression, change it or remove/delete it.

For more information of branding :