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Unlicensed contractor exposed again; Valley woman loses thousands

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Filiberto Ramos, aka Felix Ramos (Source: 3TV) Filiberto Ramos, aka Felix Ramos (Source: 3TV)

Jaime Janman has quite a bit of unpacking to do. 

"First-time homebuyer, really excited, fell in love with it the minute I saw the house," she said.

But before Janman moved into her Mesa home, she had a few home-improvement projects she wanted to get done. 

After looking around, she wound up hiring Filiberto Ramos, who also goes by the name of Felix Ramos. 

According to Janman, Ramos demanded money up-front to start the job. Over the course of one week, she handed over three checks totaling $4,400, the full amount of the project. 

"I had these decorative blocks on the top row and he was supposed to take them down and put solid block, kind of like the neighbor has right here to match it," Janman explained. "He did the demo work but never came back to do the actual work."

Before they abandoned her job, Janman said Ramos ans her team did very little work. Her home surveillance system caught that lack of work on video. 

Janman said the men spent more time walking around and cleaning their tools.

"Cleans the hammer in the pool. This is lovely," she said when she shared the video with 3 On Your Side.

Janman captured something even more disturbing in a still photo.

"He went up against the house and peed on the house," she said.

Not only was Janman shocked and upset with what she caught on video, but her backyard was left in shambles. Her garage wall, which was supposed to be repaired, looks terrible. And don't forget, she's out $4,400. 

"[They] took this exciting moment in my life and added this undue stress and strapped me financially to the point where I can't do the type of things I wanted to do in the home," she said. "It keeps me up at night. It’s beyond stressful. This ordeal was more stressful than the actual homebuying, which was stressful in and of itself."

Turns out Ramos is no stranger to 3 On Your Side

We first told you about the unlicensed contractor two years ago when he took thousands of dollars from a homeowner and abandoned the job he was hired to do. 

"I found the story 3 On Your Side did back in 2013 about him doing this exact same thing to someone else," Janman said. "It was very heartbreaking and I felt physically sick when I realized I had been scammed by him." 

After 3 On Your Side got involved, Ramos did return some of the money in that case, but since that initial news report, Ramos has found himself in hot water numerous times. State investigators cited him for contracting without a license, and his court appearances for those charges continue to rack up. 

Gary Harper went to a Valley court where Ramos was scheduled for a hearing. 

"Felix Ramos can't seem to stay out of trouble; he was supposed to show up at San Tan Justice Court where he has two criminal cases pending involving contracting without a license," Harper said. "Get this. He never showed up on this day. That means an arrest warrant has been issued now so not only is 3 On Your Side looking for him, so are the police."

Janman says she's heartbroken. She's out $4,400 -- money she can't afford to lose.

"I feel foolish for having fallen for his scam," she said. "He's obviously really good at what he does and good at scamming people. I don't want anyone else to fall for it and get taken."

It's only a matter of time before Ramos is picked up on that warrant. When there's an update, 3 On Your Side will let you know. 

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