Monday, Aug. 10

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Job Fair -- Groupon
Groupon is hiring and the company is holding a job fair starting today through Aug. 14. The company is looking to hire 100 sales positions for its new SkySong office in Scottsdale. There will be walk-in interviews at SkySong, 1475 N. Scottsdale Road. Interested candidates can fill out an application online at to sign up for a time slot.

Scream Park Auditions
Calling all scary monster, ghouls and zombies. 13th Floor and Fear Farm are hosting auditions for their haunted house attractions this Halloween. Auditions will be held every Monday through August and September at both locations.

Auditions are being held at the following dates and times:

Monday, August 10, at 7 p.m. at Fear Farm: 2209 N. 99th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85037

Monday, August 10, at 7 p.m. at 13th Floor Haunted House 2814 W. Bell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85053

For more information go to their websites:

Getting Parents Ready
Are your eyes tearing up? Are you happy or sad? Maybe a bit of both? It's the start of school for a small child and both of you feel emotional. How do you navigate this amazing milestone in the way that is positive for your child?

Dr.  Russell Horton, a pediatrician with Banner Health Center, gives five tips for a happy send-off.

-Discuss the positives of school -- new friends, playing on the playground everyday, doing art and learning computers.

-If possible, meet the teacher first. If you can't then try to go to the school and walk around while there are fewer people there to acquaint the child with at least the front of the school.

-If taking child to school, make a clean break. Tell them I love you and assure them "you are going to have a great day!" Give them a big hug and leave them with the teacher. Staying longer makes it harder for them to mentally detach from their home mode to their new student mode. 

-Try to save parent tears for after the break, but if they come, explain that they are tears of joy for their newfound adventure. 

-Make sure you have time when they come home to truly connect with them in a quality way and without distractions. Encourage them to share their thoughts about their first day of school.

S'mores Day
Come celebrate everybody's favorite campfire treat on National S'mores Day on Monday, August 10, with Sassy's Café and Bakery in Mesa. Chef Melody Larsen, co-owner of Sassy's Cafe and Bakery in Mesa, loves experimenting with simple ingredients to create new culinary creations. She has taken traditional S'mores and incorporated them into decadent cupcakes, pies, cakes and cookies. She and her husband, Chef Geoff Larsen, share a few tips to ensure at-home bakers' S'more's-inspired sweets turn out as perfect as the campfire originals.

She takes three key ingredients chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. Be sure to flambé the marshmallow for that toasted flavor we loved as kids.

For more on information on S'mores and Sassy's Café and Bakery visit

Sassy's Café and Bakery
2729 E. Main St.
7 AM-5 PM

Summer Corn
Summer corn is in season and Chef Sean Currid of Blue Hound in Phoenix showed some favorite summer dishes. 

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails
2 E. Jefferson St.  
Located inside Kimpton's Hotel Palomar Phoenix at CityScape


For more information visit