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Teenager finally gets $400 refund from Verizon Wireless

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Gabrielle Moreno thought getting a cellphone account in her name would be a good way to start building credit. (Source: 3TV) Gabrielle Moreno thought getting a cellphone account in her name would be a good way to start building credit. (Source: 3TV)

Gabrielle Moreno says life just wouldn't be the same without her cellphone.

"Especially for teenagers nowadays, it's everything," she said. "You got your Instagram, your Facebook; you got all that fun stuff, taking selfies."

A recent high-school graduate, Moreno said she wanted to start building credit. She thought getting her own phone line in her own name would help.

"So I decided I wanted to branch off from my parents' stuff when I turned 18, to do it all on my own," she said. "I thought the best way to do that started with my phone. They told me that what I had to do was put down a security deposit since I hadn't built any credit yet."

That deposit was $400, but Moreno says Verizon Wireless said there was a way to get her money back. 
"Verizon stated that after a year of on-time payments that I'd be getting the $400 back," she said.

Moreno said she faithfully made all her payments on that phone for a year and was looking forward to getting her $400 returned.

"They had told me that the check had been sent out and it should be here May 18," she said.

She told us that $400 check never arrived. Even after complaining to Verizon Wireless, she said she never did get her money as promised.

"I made all of my payments on time," she said. "I did what I had promised to them, so they should do what they promised to me."

After months of waiting -- and a whole lot of selfies -- Moreno contacted 3 On Your Side

"Someone needs to do something about it," she said. "It seems like every single time I call, no one can do anything about it."

3 On Your Side contacted Verizon Wireless and asked a representative to look into the issue. The company immediately sent out a check.

Moreno said might might never have received that $400 check  without 3 On Your Side's help.  She even sent us a video selfie to thank 3 On Your Side.

"I finally got my security deposit back -- $401.91," she said. "I also wanted to thank you guys so much for all of your help in having my back through all of this. I can't thank you guys enough. I’m gonna go put this in my bank account. Thank you for all of your help."

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