Tuesday, Aug. 4

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Job Fair
State Farm will be hosting a job fair today at the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel. State Farm is looking to fill 600 positions in customer service, call center, claims and more. The job fair runs from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport Hotel
4300 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034 
For more information on careers at State Farm: https://careers.statefarm.com

BTS Skin Prep

Today from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fuchsia Spa is hosting a Back-to-School Brows and Beauty Event to help teens look their best on the first day of school. Appointments must be made in advance for teen facials, however, eyebrow-waxing services will be done on first come, first served basis.

Fuchsia Spa
1822 S. Val Vista Drive, Suite 103
Mesa, AZ 85204
For more information: www.fuchsiaspa.com

Free Dental Care
Dr. Lee Weinstein is offering a Free Children's Dental Day on Aug. 28. The first 30 patients who call and schedule appointments will receive the following services free of charge: comprehensive exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments and necessary X-rays. Each patient will receive a free dental health package containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, home care and nutritional information and prizes.

Dental Associate for Kids Only (DAFKO)
12020 East Shea Blvd., Suite 8, Scottsdale, AZ  85259
Phone: 480-767-5600
For a map and other information, visit: www.littlewhitetooth.com

How to Retire Early
Nancy Tengler of Arizona Bank and Trust and author of "The Women's Guide to Successful Investing" was on "Good Morning Arizona" with her intelligent investment rules to help you "cultivate the habit of saving."

First of all, get over the thought that you need to make more to invest. We cannot save Our Way to Wealth. We Must Invest Healthy Allocation of Stocks Makes Sense for Investors of all ages with experts indicating if you are in you are 30-40 years away from your retirement goal invest anywhere from 60-80% in stocks.  If you are in you are 10 years or less to your retirement goal, anywhere from 50-80% in stocks
You can Invest Despite Your Income  ((talk here about The Janitor whose estates are worth 8million and The widow whose peak earnings who turned peak earnings of 23,000 to millions))
Hang in There  Be confident in your knowledge on how markets performed to protect yourself against recency effect.  Examples of this are riding the storms such as Black Monday, Early 2000 tech/internet bubble and 9/11 attacks and most recent 2008 decline of nearly 32-percent  Selling off in these periods are the wrong thing to do.  These are buying opportunities.  If you hung in there, chances are you could retire early with the markets returning from 1987-2-13 11.1 percent in fact over every 30 year rolling period since 1871 the median return for stocks has been 9.22%
Invest in Stocks with a long time-horizon 
Invest in stocks that pay dividends
Invest in Blue Chip Stocks 

Flower Crowns
Family-owned and operated Cactus Flower Florists is offering a DIY class on Thursday, Aug. 13, at 6 p.m., to learn how to make floral crowns in just a few easy steps. The class is only $35 per person and includes all of the materials.

Cactus Flower Florists
Five Valley locations
DIY Flower Crown class will be held at the Scottsdale location at 10822 N. Scottsdale Road (Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard).

Back-to-School Fashion

Fabkids.com wants to help moms shop for kids affordable and hassle free. Fashion expert and blogger Amy Black shares us a couple of cute back-to-school looks.

Pricing: Outfits $29.95; Dresses: $19.95-$24.95; Shoes: $16.95-$24.95

Prep-school Ready -- For girls 
Sweet dresses and cute kicks will have little ones excited to sharpen their pencils and open their notebooks for a new school year! 
Fringe With Boho Vibes -- For girls 
Fringe is this season's biggest trend and now it comes in your little one's size just in time for back to school. 
Pattern Play for the Playground -- For boys
You can't go wrong with a checkered shirt and a splash of skulls on their sneakers will give them the cool factor they're looking for. 
Awesome All Year -- for boys
Kick off the school year with a positive affirmation and have your little guy wear it on his T-shirt. Pair this with comfy denim and cool camo slip-ons. 

For more visit www.fabkids.com.

Homemade Yogurt

Chef Tess shares a recipe for delicious homemade yogurt that not only tastes great but will save you money, too.

You will need:
1 gallon fresh milk

Starter: 1 cup Dannon Plain yogurt, very fresh. The good Dr. prefers Dannon Plain, made purely with milk and culture. Get the freshest! Check the expiration date.

Heavy bottomed stainless-steel pot that can cook 1+ gallon
Four quart jars with lids, sterilized in boiling water
One 8 oz. jar with lid, sterilized in boiling water
Candy or meat thermometer, reading range = -10 to 110 degrees C (0 to 225 F)
2 cup liquid measuring cup
1 medium sized cooler (such as a Playmate or Styrofoam with close fitting lid)

These are the directions, according to Dr. David B. Fankhauser. Sanitation is key here, folks. Please don't skip any of these details.

1. Sterilize jars and lids that will be used to make the yogurt. Place in a 5 gallon pot with an inch of water in the bottom.

2. Cover and bring to boil. Boil for 10 minutes. Turn off heat, do not remove lid.

3. Use a pot with a thick bottom to scald the milk. Note the thick pad on the bottom of this pot. Alternatively, a double boiler may be used. It is not necessary to boil the milk. This gives the milk a "cooked" flavor, and increases the probability that it will burn on the bottom or boil over.

4. Scald until the temperature of the milk is 85-90 C (185-195 F). It is not necessary to boil and do not let boil over ... what a mess! 

5. Cool milk to 122-130 degrees F. It's important to watch the temperature so you don't kill the good stuff in the culture that would be bad. It won't make yogurt without that stuff. Place one cup of the scalded and cooled milk in a two cup measure. Add enough fresh, uncontaminated yogurt to bring the level up to two cups. Uncontaminated meaning yogurt from a new clean container that has never been dipped into. Stir to blend the yogurt starter into the scalded and cooled milk until homogeneous. 

6. INOCULATE: Add the yogurt-milk slurry slowly to the 50 degrees C scalded and cooled milk with stirring. (No hotter--you will kill the bacteria in the starter.) Stir very well to thoroughly distribute the yogurt starter. Once thoroughly mixed, distribute the inoculated milk to the sterilized jars, filling to the neck. Cover immediately with sterile tops. Tighten well. 

7. INCUBATE: Warm a gallon of fresh clean water to 55 degrees C, pour into a clean cooler. Place in a warm location. I use my oven turned off or in the summer, my Arizona front porch is perfect. Sad isn't it? At any rate, carefully set the jars of inoculated milk in the water so the bottom of the lids are above the water. Let sit undisturbed for three hours. If the starter was active and the temperature correct, the yogurt will have gelled. I let mine sit for about 8 hours and it is perfect.