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Update: Contracting board arrests man on most wanted list

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Frank Marquez (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office) Frank Marquez (Source: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

His name is Frank Marquez, and if his face looks a little familiar, it's because 3 on Your Side has profiled him before. Not only are we familiar with him, so is the Arizona Registrar of Contractors which listed Marquez and an older photo on its most-wanted list. 

"Mr. Marquez has been a little dancing around a little bit, and he was on our top-10 list for multiple counts of doing work unlicensed," explained Jeff Fleetham, the director for the Registrar of Contractors.

He announced Monday that Marquez is finally behind bars

With the help of the Phoenix Police Department, the agency tracked down Marquez and arrested him on six different warrants, including contracting without a license. 

Fleetham explained how Marquez would rip off his victims. 

"He would get contracts and either do poor work and not come back and take care of it or maybe collect a check," he said. "Maybe start a job, never finish it or maybe collect a check and never return."

According to Fleetham, Marquez is connected to $26,000 worth of work that was never completed. 

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, John Fuery explained how he gave money to Marquez for a job and got nothing

"I hired Frank Marquez to do some cabinets, the installation," Fuery said. "He took our deposit of $900-plus, and he never came back. Could not get in touch with him. I tried contacting his father, too, because they both showed up."

After our report, Fuery said Marquez did give his money back. Other victims were not so lucky. 

When a 3 On Your Side producer caught up with Marquez at one of his many court appearances, he claimed he was a working man. 

"I’m working to make a living, and that's all I’m doing," he said.

Marquez may be in jail again, but only time will tell if he'll change his ways. 

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Fleetham and Gary Harper discussed that matter.

"This guy does it over and over and over again," Harper said. "With that in mind do you think he knows exactly what he's doing? And his intent is to rip people off?"

"I wouldn't be able to say what his intent is, but it certainly seems it is his business practice," Fleetham answered.

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