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There are scorpions all over the Valley, and that has homeowners scrambling for a way to keep the creepy, crawly pests away. 

Christine Knutson has seen numerous scorpions since she moved into her new home in Surprise a couple of months ago.

Knutson has been doing her best to keep her 2-year-old daughter Olivia safe.

"The first one I saw was right in the middle of the kitchen floor," said Knutson. "I also saw one as I was walking barefoot. I almost stepped on it. Fortunately, Olivia was on the couch."

Some Valley neighborhoods are seeing a bigger increase in scorpions than others.

According to Burns Pest Elimination in Phoenix, there are a few "hot spots" where scorpions are popping up in higher numbers.

The neighborhoods are near Stapley and the US 60 in Mesa, Loop 202 freeway and Pecos Rd. in Chandler, and 75th Avenue and the 101 in Peoria.

A lot of homeowners call traditional exterminators to spray around the house, but there is another option.

David Barrera is the owner of We Seal It, a Valley company with a different approach to keeping scorpions away.

"Scorpions mate 4 times a year and can carry 25 on their back," said Barrera. "If one gets in your home, you have 25 scorpions in your house, just like that."

Instead of spraying, Barrera and his crew will come out and seal every crack and crevice of a house.

The idea is that if the scorpions have no way in, they'll crawl someplace else.

"Spraying works, don't get me wrong," said Barrera. "But if you don't plug the entry points, they will always be able to get into the house."

Sealing to stop scorpions has become so successful, more than two dozen companies now offer the service, which is a bit more expensive than standard spraying.

We Seal It charges around $500 to $1,000, depending on the size of a house.

 Knutson said she doesn't mind the one-time investment, especially if it keeps the scorpions out.

She also like the fact that sealing her home should save her money on her energy bill.

"People in Surprise are finding them in their beds," said Knutson. "I don't want to be one of those people. I want peace of mind."

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