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Gary Harper gets action for woman whose truck was stolen

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Police found the truck, but it had been stripped. (Source: 3TV) Police found the truck, but it had been stripped. (Source: 3TV)

It started off as a simple car wash but ended as an auto theft.
And to make matters worse, a Phoenix woman says although the car wash is now helping, its insurance company isn't being much help.
Mercedes Giron's truck was stolen back in April.  It is now July, and her claim still isn't settled.

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With 3 On Your Side's help, however, things are starting to move.

When Giron looks at her truck, she can't believe it's still not repaired and running.
What's the problem?  She says it lies with Liberty Mutual Insurance.

"Honestly I feel angry because a lot of time has passed, three months, and I'm seeing the insurance company isn't really helping," she said. "They aren't cooperating with us."

In 3 On Your Side's initial report, Giron explained how back in April, she took her truck to a car wash called Bethany Auto Spa.

After handing over her keys to the car wash attendant and after the truck was driven into the wash tunnel, somebody stole her truck. Surveillance video captured it all.

"Somebody opened the door, entered the car and jumped in and he left," she said.

She's right, the surveillance video clearly shows the thief sliding along the side of the truck, opening the door and jumping in.
When the vehicle exits the wash tunnel, the thief drives away, stealing the truck.
Although the truck was located by police days later, it was badly damaged and it had been stripped.
Initially, Giron says the car wash refused to hand the matter over to its insurance carrier. 3 On Your Side went to the car wash to find out why.  
After 3 On Your Side's involvement, Bethany Auto Spa decided to hand over the claim to its insurance carrier, Liberty Mutual.

That was more than a month ago. Giron says Liberty Mutual is dragging its feet getting her truck fixed.
“I feel like I have my hands tied," she said. "It's the car I need for work and it's just here, parked.”

Even the owner of the car wash told 3 On Your Side he's tired of dealing with the matter and remains disappointed that Liberty Mutual hasn't resolved the claim yet.
In the meantime, Giron says she had to borrow wheels and tires that don't even fit from a relative so that she could push the truck into her garage where it currently sits -- inoperable.

3 On Your Side contacted Liberty Mutual to find out when and if her truck will be repaired.

After our inquiry, Giron said Liberty Mutual finally contacted her and indicated it will pick her truck up and get all the necessary repairs done.

“And if it wasn't for Channel 3's help, who have been the ones to help me, nothing would have been possible," she said. "Not even submitting the claim to the insurance company.”

Liberty Mutual did send a tow truck over to Giron's home to transport her vehicle to a repair shop.

Liberty Mutual says it will pay for all the repairs. It's also paying for a rental car in the meantime.
Giron says she is glad things are finally getting done. 

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