How to make your own storage cubbies, shelves

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(Source: Debbie Hernandez via Facebook) (Source: Debbie Hernandez via Facebook)


-1x8 Pine Plank

-150 grit Sandpaper

-Paint or Stain (desired color)

-Drill with Drill Bit and screwdriver bit or Rapid Load Drill Bit/Screwdriver Bit (optional, it enables you to switch back and forth from drill bit to screwdriver.)

-1 1/4" Wood Screws

-"L" Brackets for mounting.


-Cut 4 pieces of the plank to desired size.

(I made 12"x12")

-Lightly sand any rough areas.

-Paint or stain all 4 pieces including edges, let dry.

(I finish the boards before assembly, it can also be done after assembly) -Assemble boards into a square or rectangle, by putting 2 boards in a "L" formation, pre-drill a hole at the top and bottom from one board into the other. (This will prevent the wood from splitting and guide the screw into the boards).

-Repeat with the remaining boards until a cube is formed.

-To hang, use "L" Brackets in the corners under the top planks, find a stud or use anchors for proper support.

Ready Made Cubbies

-Mount them on the wall individually or in a grouping to use as shelving and storage.

-Stack them for organizing and floor storage.

-Get a unassembled 6 or 9 Cubbie Unit in Cherry or White, assemble and it's ready to go.

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