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UPDATE: Arrest made in food truck dilemma

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Bertrand Nunley (Source: KTVK) Bertrand Nunley (Source: KTVK)
Zachary Edward Singleton (Source: Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office) Zachary Edward Singleton (Source: Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office)

A Mesa man ripped-off in a business venture has some of his money back and the guy who allegedly took it is now in jail.
That business venture involved the purchase of a food truck.  But, the purchase went sour, that is, until 3 On Your Side shook things up.

"Oh, it feels good that you have some sort of support or backing when something like this does happen to not just me but anybody,” Bertrand Nunley said.

Nunley is feeling a sense of relief. 

That certainly wasn't the case just a couple of days ago when 3 On Your Side told you about how he was ripped off by an out-of-state food truck manufacturer

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“They asked for a deposit to get the food truck started - $10,350 - which I gladly paid and after I gave them the deposit they ceased to respond to me or call m,.” Nunley said.

Nunley is a chef and he thought starting a food truck business would be a smart move.
That's why he paid all that money to a Georgia-based company called USA Concessions, which also goes by Concession USA.
But although the company states it only takes a few weeks to fabricate a truck, it's been a year, and Nunley still doesn't have that truck and the company won't talk to him.

3 On Your Side investigated the company and discovered it's owned and operated by a man named Zachary Singleton.

He never would respond to 3 On Your Side's inquiries but you know who did?  The Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office in Georgia. 

We had Nunley file a criminal report with that law enforcement agency and investigators gladly got involved, telling us that Zachary Edward Singleton was already on their radar due to other victims who filed similar reports.
Singleton knew the heat was being turned up because after 3 On Your Side's news report aired, he returned $4,000 back to Nunley.
It's not the full $10,000 Nunley handed over but he's glad to have something.

“Just to get that portion back I mean it's a huge relief to me,” Nunley said.  

Returning a portion of the money, though, was too little, too late, for Singleton because the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office decided to serve a search warrant at Singleton's home and arrested him on three felony counts involving theft.
One of those theft charges was for the money he reportedly took from Nunley.
“Well, 3 On Your Side definitely got the ball rolling a lot quicker than I had anticipated,” Nunley said.

Nunley said he's glad that Singleton isn't getting away with ripping people off and credits 3 On Your Side and the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office for getting involved.

“Just beware that there are people out there, such as 3 On Your Side & Lumpkin County Sheriff's department, that are willing to pursue action and people like me that aren't willing to stop.”

3 On Your Side has worked with a lot of law enforcement agencies but a big thank you to the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office for getting involved and putting this guy in jail.

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