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BBB unveils new online tool to help consumers

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(Source: 3TV) (Source: 3TV)
The businesses have already been researched and vetted by the BBB. (Source: 3TV) The businesses have already been researched and vetted by the BBB. (Source: 3TV)

When it comes to home-improvement projects or even repairs, it’s always recommended that you hire a licensed contractor.  Through the years, 3 On Your Side has found plenty of contractors who try to beat the system. 

But what if you have a smaller job or a minor repair and licensing isn't required? The Phoenix Better Business Bureau has a new tool you might want to check out. 

"Consumers have always turned to us to find trustworthy businesses," said Felicia Thompson of the Better Business Bureau. She said the organization is introducing a new resource. 

"It’s pretty simple," she explained. "You go to bbbasap.com; you type in the service needs you are looking for."

The BBBASAP website uses geolocation technology. 

So how does it work? 

All you have to do decide what service you need. Is it an air-conditioning issue? Maybe a plumbing problem. 

Next you put in your information, including your ZIP code. Once that's done you hit "locate now," and that businesses that are closest will contact you. 

The good thing is the businesses have already been researched and vetted by the BBB. 

"This is just for the Phoenix area right now," Thompson said. "We're testing this market. And a few other BBBs outside of Arizona are doing it." 

She went on to say the online tool is especially helpful for consumers who find themselves in a pinch.

"A lot of times we hear from them when they're in that emergency situation," she said. "They've locked their keys in the car, their plumbing stops working - things like that."

Knowing that a business has already been vetted can certainly save you time and much more. 

"At least through this way you know that the company responding to you will be a BBB-accredited business and someone is trustworthy and has met our standards."

For more information about the new BBB online tool check out www.bbbasap.com.

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