Tuesday, July 14, 2015: Longevity Drink by Dr. Theresa Ramsey


Longevity Drink Recipe

Turmeric – active ingredient Curcumin studied for the prevention of: Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis and Cancer

Ginger - Aides in Digestion and Immune Support
Cold and flu remedy, clears sinuses, sore throat, nasal congestion
Digestive support – absorption, calming, inflammation, nausea, decreases gas, cramps

Lemon – helps with many aspects of wellbeing – in particular the bioflavonoids stabilize mast cells preventing histamine release into the body.

Directions: Juice together and dose to taste! I like 1 full lemon, rind included, 1 inch of ginger and ½-to 1 inch of turmeric with a dash of pepper for improved absorption of curcumin (pepper could be black or red). Pour into warm water and drink throughout the day!