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Scottsdale homeowner 'sacked' by Super Bowl rental agreement

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Julie Contadino contract signed contract with two websites owned by the same person. (Source: 3TV) Julie Contadino contract signed contract with two websites owned by the same person. (Source: 3TV)

During the 2015 Super Bowl, many folks decided to rent out their homes. While some people made big bucks, others did not.

"I have three bedrooms, and the office could have been used as an additional room," Julie Contadino said. 

She certainly had a big game plan to rent out her Scottsdale home for Super Bowl 49. 

"I was just thinking a little extra income would be nice, pay off some credit cards, and that was basically it," she said.

Contadino said she got the idea last August after getting a postcard from a company claiming to be in the rental business.

"About mid-October I hear from Randy Cooper, who was the owner of the company," she said. 

3 On Your Side discovered that the Arizona Secretary of State's Office lists Randy Cooper as the owner of two rental companies, one called SuperWeekRentals.com and BigGameRentalsByOwner.com.

Contadino those are the two companies she hired to rent out her house.

She went on to explain that while she never personally met Cooper, one of his salesmen met with her. She says she signed contracts with both rental companies during that visit and paid $1,000 up front to get her home listed on those two websites. 

She said she wasn't worried about the money, but she claims she was told she would get it back after 30 days.

"The condition that I would also receive my $1,000 back  - because they required a $1,000 deposit - that he reassured me I would get that money back after 30 days. ... It had nothing to do with whether my house rented or not," she said.

Not feeling comfortable with a verbal promise of getting her money back, she said she had the sales rep handwrite "I understand that the $1,000 rebate will be rebated on or before January 31, 2015." 

That note has two signatures - one from Contadino and the other she says the sales person signed. 

"Within a few days [my house] was up on the website I was like great."

But weeks went by and Contadino says not one interested renter called. Her home never was rented out during the Super Bowl, so she tried contacting those rental companies again. 

"Left a few messages, didn't hear anything," she said. "Then I started getting suspicious."  

Contadino even had an attorney write to Randy Cooper and those two companies but still got nowhere. 

"I sent a certified letter, which was returned to sender," she said.

3 On Your Side managed to contact Cooper by phone. He told us his contracts clearly state on line no. 5, "Contract is nonrefundable." 

But what about that handwritten note his salesman reportedly wrote, the one promising a refund if Contadino's home didn't rent? We forwarded it to him, but we never heard back. 

"The $1,000 is gone," Contadino said. "I can't get that back, but my hope is that this doesn't happen again to other people."

Again after numerous inquiries, the rental company never got back with us. In the meantime, another homeowner has contacted 3 On Your Side saying he has the same problem with the same rental companies.

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