Home Depot's Debbie Hernandez makes a splash with pool products

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Summertime means pool time! Debbie Hernandez from Home Depot joined us to give us on Good Morning Arizona with tips on pool products and pool safety.

Pool Chemicals 101
Test the water weekly with one of the following: 
6-way test strips
6-way test kit
Or take a sample into any pool store to test.
Balance the water with recommended and required chemicals.

Basic Chemicals:
-Chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine
-Muriatic acid
-Algae remover

Some other great products include;
-Angry Egg's product, "Who Peed in my Pool?" (takes care of pee, pet dander, sunscreen, oils and odors)
-Angry Egg's Algae Remover
-Tablet floats
-Skimmer baskets and nets
-Rafts, pool noodles, squirt toys and much more!! 

Pool Safety
Experts say children can drown in as little as 2 inches of water. There is no replacement for adult supervision.

In addition to Adult Supervision, Home Depot has a wide variety of helpful items to create a safe pool environment:
-Gate locks and latches
-Window and door locks
- Pool gate, window and door alarm sensor
-Pool gate, window and door motion detectors (remotes available as well)
-Keep pool chemicals locked up and out of the reach of children.
-Keep blow-up rafts also out of reach.

Be safe and enjoy the summer.

For more information, go to any Home Depot or contact Debbie at the Arrowhead Home Depot in Glendale 623-376-0278.

Also, visit the Home Depot Debbie Hernandez Facebook page.

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