Beat the Heat Beauty Products for the Guys the Gals by: Rachel Harris,


Beat the Heat Beauty Products for the Guys & the Gals

by:  Rachel Harris,

With our hot summer temps, this is the time that we look for beauty products that keep us cool and looking good.  And guys have issues, too.  So I found some hot beauty products for all that help to keep us cool and looking cool, too.

For Both Guys & Gals

*Banana Boat Sport Performance Coolzone UVA/UVB Protection Broad Spectrum 30 Continuous Spray Sunscreen ($12.49 at Walgreens) -- This is a great one for hiking or tubing because it cools the skin when applied.  When sprayed a menthol effect is felt which is refreshing and cooling while it also protects.  This product also has the Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation seal on the bottle.

*Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths ($3.99 at Walgreens) -- Keep a bag of these in your purse, hiking back pack or gym bag for both guys and gals.  These body cloths cool and have a smooth powder finish that also absorb perspiration

For Him:

*Gillette Fusion Proglide ($9.99 at Walgreens) -- To keep him cool and for guys with sensitive skin, this razor works well.  It has a flexball, so for men with a curvier chin, for example, the flexball works well on the contours.  This razor also has a precision trimmer on the back for accurate edging.

*Boots No 7 Calming Anti-Friction Shave Gel ($3.99 at Walgreens) -- This hypoallergenic after shave gel works great for sensitive skin and safeguards against dryness.  A good aftershave is important, especially during our hot and dry summer months, since skin is delicate right after a shave.  Also exposure to chlorine from a lot of swimming can dry out a guy's face, too.

*No 7 Energizing Face Wash ($7.99 at Walgreens) -- Guys need to exfoliate, too especially during the dry hot summer months, so this face wash has energizing beads in the formula to help with that and has a nice light summer scent.  This is also hypoallergenic for those men with sensitive skin.

*Dial For Men Sub Zero Fresh Reaction Revitalizing Body Wash ($5.99 at Walgreens) -- Some guys like to take a cool shower to cool off from our hot summer temps and this one has a light scent that is refreshing and is a non drying formula since it is a moisturizing body wash.  This is perfect for a quick post workout gym shower.

For the Gals

*Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Hyaluronic Acid ($20.99 at Walgreens) -- This is dermatologist recommended and is unique because it is a water based gel formula that absorbs quickly but has the long lasting effects of a face cream.  This formula boosts the hydration level of the facial skin and locks it in all day. It is oil free and the purified hyaluronic acid in it is naturally found in skin and moisturizes dry skin cells which results in supple and smoother skin.

*Boots No 7 Hydrating Mineral Water Spray ($9.99 at Walgreens) -- Non greasy mineral spray is great for a quick spritz to the face to cool, refresh and hydrate and it won't ruin your makeup.  In fact, it sets your makeup.

*Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish Age Defense ($9.74 at Walgreens) -- I spoke to Bianca, one of my blog writers and a beauty expert with Walgreens, and she recommends using this with a Clarisonic or a cleansing brush.  With our dust storms and monsoon season, this product helps to remove those dead skin cells and excess stuff that accumulate on our face from our crazy summer weather.  So this treatment helps to protect our face from the elements.

*Perfectly Posh Apricots Overnight Face Mask ($22 and purchase by emailing ) -- I recently attended a Perfectly Posh Pampering Party.  I had never heard of the line so I wasn't sure that I was going to buy anything.  I also never wear night masks because I have very sensitive skin and have had reactions previously with masks.  The party hostess assured me that this mask is different and wouldn't cause any inflammation and she was correct.  I wear it several times a week at night when I go to bed and I have had several compliments on my skin since I started using this product.  With our dry summer heat and the effects of chlorine from swimming, this stuff does the trick to keep my face moisturized.  The ingredients include apricots that rapidly absorb moisture leaving skin supple and tangerine and lime extracts increase healthy skin while rosewood and mango reinforce cellular rejuvenation.  The entire Perfectly Posh line include products that are all under $25, made in the USA, cruelty free, naturally based, no sulfates, parabens, lanolin, or fillers.  There are also many vegan options in the Perfectly Posh line.  

*Olay Cooling White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash ($4.99 at Walgreens) -- A cooling and refreshing body wash for us gals that want to take a cool shower in our hot summer months and the under $5 price tag is great for such a big bottle, too.

*Champney's Spa Treatment Foot Butter ($8.99 at Walgreens) -- Feet get extra dry in the summer since we wear flip flops, swim a lot and more so this foot butter is infused with shea butter, vitamin E, peppermint and orange essential oils which is a moisturizing and cooling treat for feet.

*Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File ($49.99 at Walgreens) -- A pedi foot file for $50?  Seems steep in price but this is unique since it is electronic.  So we put it to the test and paired it with our favorite foot exfoliating skin care product called Toe Juice ($14.95 at and we were impressed.  The electronic buffing takes away the arm work that is required with a traditional pumice stone.  After applying the Toe Juice on dry heels, we simply rolled the device over our heels and within a few minutes the buffing was done and our heels were smooth.  This product is not recommended for diabetics or those with poor blood flow.  I do want to note that and it is pricy, but it did work well for us.

What are your favorite cool beauty products for the guys and gals to stay refreshed during our hot summer months?  Share in the comments section and be sure to check my blog at for more beauty news, recipes, giveaways and more.  Happy summer!