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Unlicensed contractor fails to return money as promised

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We have new information about an unlicensed contractor, who took a $2,000 down payment for a job, then allegedly vanished with the money.

He told us he would return it, but that didn't happen.

Steve Oestreich still can't believe his industrial garage doesn't have a bathroom, especially since he paid a contractor $2,000 to put one in.

"I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt thinking that he was going to do the job. But looking back, I am wondering if it was a scam from day one," Oestreich told 3 On Your Side.

The contractor he's talking about is actually an unlicensed contractor by the name of Brett Roberts. He told Oestreich and his son Ryan that he could finish off their so called  "man cave" garage by installing a bathroom for them. The man cave was supposed to be a place where the father and son team could hang out and restore old vehicles.

But as 3 On Your Side told you in a previous report, Brett Roberts allegedly took their $2,000 and vanished.

3 On Your Side started tracking Brett Roberts, including showing up at his apartment, but we only got as far as his roommate.

Since our visit, Brett Roberts remains underground. But he's written 3 On Your Side several emails, promising over and over to return the money, even if he has to make payments.

But, so far, they have been nothing more than empty promises. "Brett hasn't returned any of the money. He promised to make a payment of $400 last Friday. We were supposed to stop by his place and pick it up but he didn't have the money. So far, we have received nothing from the man."

3 On Your Side has learned that Brett Roberts was recently released from probation for previous run-ins with the law.  But now, he's being investigated again, this time by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. That agency tells 3 On Your Side that it has other complaints against Roberts and that officials are pursuing the matter.

When there is an update on Brett Roberts, 3 On Your Side will let you know.

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