Trainees hone skills at firefighter training academy

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

It's one thing to see firefighters respond to an emergency on TV, but it’s quite another to see it in person. On Tuesday’s Good Morning Arizona, we got an inside look at the training that goes into making sure these men and women are prepared for the best response.

We watched some trainees in action at the Mesa Fire Training Center, as they went through a series of simulated fire ground evolutions that are reinforced in a 14-week academy.

The goal of the academy is to make sure firefighters are prepared to respond to a variety of incidents, as well as to increase firefighter survivability and getting everyone home to their families safely at the end of their shift.

The academy includes 145 hours of classroom training and 218 hours of hands-on training. The Skills Course is used to develop and enhance injury prevention, proper technique, muscle memory and physical endurance.

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