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Peoria couple pay off car loan; credit union demands more money

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Picking up his car keys and heading out the door, Andy Salazar says he's usually in a pretty good mood because his car is completely paid off.

That's because he and his wife always made sure to make their monthly car payment and they always made it on time. 

"Oh, it's very important," Salazar said. "It's one of our top priorities because it's our good name that's out there."

But, Salazar said he and his wife went one step further by paying off the car a year in advance.

They went to Hughes Federal Credit Union recently where they had their car loan and asked how much more they owed on the vehicle.

Hughes told the couple $1,144.21 and the Salazars said they paid that exact amount in cash right there on the spot.

"The loan was a 36-months loan and we paid it off 13 months early," Salazar said.

The credit union gave the Salazars a lien release and a letter thanking them for their business. They even gave Salazar and his wife the title to the car they just paid off. 

So, you can imagine their shock and confusion when Hughes Federal Credit Union started calling them recently saying the credit union made a mistake and that the Salazars need to come up with another $208.11. And if the Salazars didn't, the issue would be forwarded to a debt collector. 

"What they are trying to do is not good business, it's not professional and it has really become a nuisance," Salazar said.

3 On Your Side got involved and asked Hughes Federal Credit Union to look into the issue for us. We also told them Salazars' account had been paid in full and demanding $208 must be a mistake. After all, the credit union released the title to them.

The credit union looked into the matter and wrote 3 On Your Side an email saying, "Hughes Federal Credit Union apologizes for any inconvenience our members have experienced." They went on to say that they "have resolved the matter" and that Salazar and his wife will not have to pay that $208.11 after all.

The Salazars said they are thankful this annoying issue has been taken care of and claim they owe it all to 3 On Your Side.

In a thank you card to 3 On Your Side, the Salazars wrote, "Our most sincere gratitude to Gary Harper and the 3 On Your Side team for your swift action in helping us resolve our issue with Hughes Federal Credit Union." 

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