Magic Mike XXL: bigger, longer, dirtier


Magic Mike XXL:  bigger, longer, dirtier

I can’t tell you how many brain cells I lost watching “Magic Mike XXL” but I can tell you I had a lot of fun going dumb.

This time around, its three years later and the guys are without Dallas and Mike.  Dallas went off to Europe and Mike is eking out a living with his new furniture business.  After encountering his old pals, Mike gets back the old fever while working in his shop.  In one of the most inspired and best numbers in “Magic Mike XXL” Channing Tatum busts moves with power tools in some kind of erotic free for all.   Sure it’s sexy but also hysterical.   I couldn’t help but think of all those Fred Astaire movies where he danced with all manner of props from firecrackers to brooms.   The dances are worlds apart and yet I think Mr. Astaire would have admired Channing’s pas de deux.

The next day, Mike tracks down the guys and fires them up with his new enthusiasm and they head off to a big stripper-con?  Yeah, I meant that question mark.  I am sure there are such things but who knew?  The whole thing is head shaking silly.  As is this entire movie.

Along the way the boys go to a private club and a private residence with one adventure after another.   The private club was fascinating, showy and clearly on the edge of male prostitution.  Move over Patrick Swayze, you don’t know jack about dirty dancing.  

But that club display is the foundation for the guys to completely change their style to make their dancing more ‘organic’ and a lot nastier.  The whole thing, while entertaining as all get out, is pretty vulgar and not like anything you have probably ever seen before.

Which brings me to this observation:  “Magic Mike XXL” is a weird hybrid of filth and fun.  The dialogue and the friendships are unbelievably silly.  I felt like I was eavesdropping on a bunch of spunky airhead teens out to conquer the world with nothing but dreams and G-strings.   I was laughing out loud from start to finish.   But I have no doubt that the cast was in on the entire joke.  And there is a lot more camaraderie than there is actual dancing, dirty or not.

So my recommendation is to go see it with friends because it is a good time for sure.   But if you had fun seeing “Magic Mike” with your mother or aunt or some other relative, you might want to re-evaluate your movie partner.  The fun dancing the first time around was a party.  This time around it feels more like a private dance that might be best for younger eyes only.

“Magic Mike XXL” dances up 3 Red Vines for being so bad it is great

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