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Viewers for month of June ecstatic to get refunds

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3 On Your Side was pretty productive and successful during the month of June.  In fact, we were able to recoup $8,558 for our viewers.

One of those viewers is Karen Sharp.  She wanted her short, little pony wall found in her yard to be heightened so her dog wouldn't run away. 

"I was afraid he would go over the wall, which is only a few feet tall; the rest are 6 feet and the other ones needed to be built up," Sharp told us.

So, she hired a contractor named Bob Petrone to build that wall, and she handed him $1,200 up front to get the project started.

However, Sharp's homeowner's association denied her request to raise the wall, and since construction never began, she asked Petrone to return her money.  

"When I asked for a refund, he was like,  'Oh sure, no problem.' and I've never seen anything since."  

But after a few months, Sharp never saw her $1,200.  So, 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper went to Petrone's house and left a message, indicating he wanted to speak to him about the money.

After that visit, Sharp says she immediately received her $1,200. While Petrone claimed he always planned to return the money, Sharp says it took 3 On Your Side.  

"I'm excited! I never thought I was gonna see this (money) again, so I'm very happy!"

You can't forget Matt Saling.  From all his mountain biking, he developed a knee problem and racked up $2,500 in medical expenses getting it treated.

Those expenses were supposed to be paid by United Healthcare, but the insurance company mistakenly dropped his coverage and didn't pay anything.

But after 3 On Your Side got involved, United Healthcare reinstated his coverage and wound up paying his $2,500 in bills.  

"It's a big weight off my shoulders," Saling said.  "Now I know I can go get my prescriptions filled, and God forbid there was an accident, I can get to the doctor and not have to worry about the difficulties of dealing with insurance."

And what about Javier Hernandez?  He purchased tickets to the R. Kelly concert that was supposed to take place in Tolleson.

However, R. Kelly refused to take the stage and fans had a fit.  They threw concert chairs at the stage, tore down fencing and took to social media to voice their anger.

3 On Your Side helped Hernandez connect with concert promoter, who agreed to return $480 in ticket money back to Hernandez.

It's cash that Hernandez says he couldn't have received without 3 On Your Side's involvement.  

"This is bi time big help because prior to that I was at a stalemate," Hernandez said. "I could not get a hold of anybody. I could not do anything that would help me in my behalf. So no, I really appreciate you 3 On Your Side stepping in and doing what you did because it got me my money."
3 On Your Side also helped out a guy named Ken Carlson.

Carlson worked at Tempe hotel called Hawthorn Suites, but when he left the company, he says he never received his final paycheck.

Even after the Arizona's Labor Board filed paperwork telling the hotel to pay, it never did.

However, after 3 On Your Side got involved, the company that operates the hotel immediately put a check in the mail to Carlson for more than $1,600.

When you add up all the money 3 On Your Side helped recover for consumers during the month of June, it comes to $8558.

That brings this year's total to $44,686.  If 3 On Your Side stays on track, we could break $100,000 by the end of the year.

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