Watson Lake

(Source: AllPrescott.com) (Source: AllPrescott.com)

The gorgeous Watson Lake Park is just four miles north of downtown Prescott, giving visitors access to Watson Lake and the boulders of Granite Dells.

Although swimming in the lake is not permitted, both gas-powered and electric boats are allowed, as are kayaks and canoes. There is a maximum 5 mph "no wake" speed limit.

Watson Lake is about 380 surface acres, making it ideal for fishing and boating. The huge granite boulders surrounding the calm waters of the lake make for good rock climbing.

Watson Lake is one of four Prescott-area lakes. The others are Goldwater Lake, Willow Lake and Lynx Lake.

The park is open 6 a.m.-10 p.m. between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Overnight camping is allowed during the summer.

Winter hours are 7 a.m.-sunset. Parking is $2.

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To get to Watson Lake, drive east on Gurley Street from Courthouse Plaza. Turn north Highway 89 and drive about 3.5 miles. Enter the traffic circle and take the first right into the park.

For more information, check out CityOfPrescott.net.