Do-it-yourself Fourth of July decorations

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Patriotic Light Garland

-Cut 45, 12"X1" strips of canvas drop cloth.

-Paint 1/3 red, 1/3 blue and leave 1/3 natural, let dry.

-Tie strips in between lights, alternating colors.

-Hang and enjoy!


-Spray Paint Garden Rocks, 1/3 of the rocks red, 1/3 white, 1/3 blue.

-Fill Glass Lantern or vase with rocks in layers or all mixed.

-Set an LED candle in the rocks.

-Add 2 small Anericab Flags and Enjoy!

American Flag Placemats

-Cut vinyl drop cloth to desired placemat size.

-Fold edges in 1/2" and hot glue for finished edges.

-Paint white or leave natural.

-With 1" blue painters tape, tape off every other inch to create stripes.

-Paint red in between tape, let dry.

-Tape off a 6" square in the top left corner, paint blue, let dry.

-Using a silver or white paint pen, draw in stars on the blue, let dry and enjoy!

American Flag Plaque

-Cut 2'x2' piece of 1/2" plywood to desired plaque size for the backing.

-Paint white.

-Cut 7 pieces of 1x1x8 wood to with of the plywood and paint red.

-cut another piece of plywood for the upper left corner and paint blue, add sticker stars or paint stars with a paint pen.

-Attach blue plywood and red 1x1's to white backing with clear liquid nails to create flag.

American Flag Pot

-Using any garden pot, paint the bottom in red and white stripes and the top blue with stars.

Ready to Go Decorations!

-American Flag, use anytime!

-American Flag Bunting spruces up any table or wall!

-Star Lights will dress up your patio and you can leave them up all year round!

-Mini Individual American Flags

-Red and Blue Rope Light and Light Bulbs.

-BRAND NEW! Led Light/Blue Tooth Speakers, place in any indoor or outdoor light fixture or lamp, download the app, HAVE LIGHT AND/OR MUSIC ANYWHERE!

Great for pool parties, bbq's, indoor or outdoor entertainment and SURROUND SOUND!

-Beat the heat for the fireworks with personal misters and Neck Cooling Towels!

Happy 4th of July!!!

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