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Former hotel manager says he can't get his final paycheck

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Ken Carlson has been out of work for months and as a result, he spends his days surfing the Internet looking for another job. To make matters worse, he says what little savings he has is going fast. 

"It just puts an incredible strain on everything because you are trying to pull money from just about every place you can pull from to get my expenses paid," Carlson said.

To complicate matters, Carlson said he never received his final paycheck from his former employer, Hawthorne Suites, which is located in Tempe. Carlson was employed as the hotel's general manager. 

"From accounting to payroll to employee morale and guest relations, I oversaw it," he said.

Carlson said he and the hotel decided to part ways, and ended his employment.

That was months ago, but still, he says the hotel won't pay him his final paycheck which is just over $500.

After filing a complaint with the state's Labor Board, the agency had a judgement issued against the hotel and after a penalty imposed, it ordered Hawthorne Suites to pay Carlson more than $1,600 which is triple the amount he was actually owed.

Carlson said the hotel still won't pay. That's when he decided to contact 3 On Your Side for help. 

"We watch Gary Harper on the news everyday and we thought you know what, just maybe he can do something," Carlson said.

3 On Your Side contacted human resources for the company that runs Hawthorne's Suites and within minutes of our telephone conversation, they printed up a check for more than $1,600 and immediately mailed it out to Carlson.

Carlson is eagerly awaiting his check to arrive and says he couldn't have done it without 3 On Your Side. 

"Gary Harper immediately got things done. I mean, what he got done in four days, I have been working on for six months," he said.

The human resources department that helps operate Hawthorne Suites tells 3 On Your Side that they thought Carlson had already been paid. However, when 3 On Your Side showed them the judgement and court order from the labor board, they decided to issue the check to close out the issue.

3 On Your Side certainly appreciates the hotel's speedy response to our inquiry and ultimate resolution.

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