Great Grilling Gadgets & Outdoor Fun Stuff by: Rachel Harris,


Great Grilling Gadgets & Outdoor Fun Stuff

by: Rachel Harris,

Summertime finds us in the pool and by the grill so I found some unique and useful fun stuff to enhance your grilling and your outdoor fun. Take a look and enjoy a fun and safe summer!

Great Grill Gadgets

*Mr. BAR-B-Q Reversible Cast Iron Griddle ($19.99 at Lowe's stores) -- This clever cast iron cookware works for the grill, for camping and for tailgating. The flat side is great for grilling breakfast foods and the other grooved side works well for searing steaks and burgers.

*Hershey's S'mores Melting Tray ($9.99 at -- Make up to four yummy S'mores with this handy non stick grilling tray. This yummy grill accessory is perfect for camping, backyard grilling and tailgating. Yummy fun and try these with peanut butter cups, too. Also add vanilla ice cream to the finished S'mores to make a fun ice cream sandwich treat.

*Mr. BAR-B-Q Gas Grill Cover in collegiate mascot colors ($30 at Amazon and at Home Depot online) -- Since we put in a new back yard a few months ago, along with a grill, I now know just how important it is to cover the grill. The sun takes a toll on the nice finish and the cover also protects the grill from dust and flying debris during our crazy dust storms, so it is very cool to find a company that sells the heavy duty protective covers in college mascot colors and logos. Choose from over 60 college logos, including ASU and UofA. I am little bummed that my alma mater, UT isn't included it the list. Oh well!

*Mr. Pizza Deep Dish Grill Pan (19.99 at Kohl's online) – brings the pizza party to the patio. Now, pizza has gone gourmet and new trends like grilling it have only made it more popular. Get some great grill pizza recipes at this link here at I am anxious to try the Rosemary Chicken, Potato, and Caramelized Onion Grilled Pizza.

*Mr. Bar-B-Q U.S.A. Burger Press ($6 at amazon) -- Perfect for your 4th of July celebration, this red, white and blue accessory forms perfect burgers in the shape of the U.S. map. Use hoagie buns to fit the large shape. Fun patriotic cookies can also be made with this press.

*Mr. BAR-B-Q Digital Meat Thermometer ($13.99 at Kmart and Sears online) -- Another very helpful tool when cooking out because this tool is a quick and easy way to measure temperature and to be sure that grilled meats are done properly every time. I like this particular model because it features a full length probe with a protective cover and gives accurate readings every time.

Outdoor Fun & Functional Stuff

*Sundicators UV Monitoring Sun Safety Wristbands ($7.99 for a 5 pack at -- This is a great invention by a Melanoma survivor who is also a celebrity fashion and beauty expert. Kerry Spindler came up with these UV monitoring wristbands that are unisex and work with an SPF 15 or greater sunscreen to monitor UVA and UVB exposure. Easy color change indicators notify the wearer when it is time to reapply sunscreen, when to seek full shade and when to get out of the sun. Very clever and 100% of the proceeds benefit the fundraising efforts of which educates people of all ages about the dangers of skin cancer, melanoma and premature aging.

*Just Add Noodles Pool Float ($60 at ) -- Local entrepreneurs, Chris and Cheryl Sosnowski from Tempe created a clever pool float that is unique and portable. I love to support local business and this contraption is perfect for our hot summer heat. The Just Add Noodles pool float is made of high quality UV and mildew resistant fabric and is adjustable so that it can be laid on or sat on. Your body is partially submerged in the water so you don't get too hot like you do on traditional pool floats. I also love that this company gives $1 back from every sale to Water for People, which provides clean and accessible water to people in need in nine different countries. So this is one pool float that is helping to make a difference, too.

*Vinnibag Inflatable Travel Bag ($28 at -- Want to safely bring a bottle of wine or have a safe and dry place to store your phone poolside or on a trip? Here is a clever inflatable, reusable Vinnibag that perfectly holds liquids, fine collectible items and any fragile valuables that you wants to protect and transport. A safe in a reusable Vinnibag is handy to bring to a pool party and also works great in a carry-on or checked luggage bag. VinniBag is TSA friendly and was engineered specifically to withstand air travel and high altitudes. The design and materials allow for significant changes in air pressure and temperatures. Packing one is easy. Travelers stick items in the bag, inflate it with a few breaths of air, snap the bag closed, pack in their travel bag, and then deflate when they get home. Travelers can likely fit up to three inflated Vinnibags in their suitcase. Vinnibags can be reused as an ice pack, a smartphone holder in water, or even a bath pillow.

I just love these clever ideas that make outdoor fun and cooking work well. Do you have a favorite outdoor tool or toy? Share in the comments section and be sure to check out my blog at for more summer stuff, recipes, beauty news and more. Happy Summer!