Family ups search effort for missing Pinal County couple

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After five days of searching, investigators still have no clues as to what happened to Mike and Tina Careccia.

The couple's family is now gearing up for a big search this weekend.

The brother-in-law of Careccia says the pair had no reason to disappear five days ago. And now, the family needs everyone's help finding the couple.

"It's a real mystery," says Geoff Dugan. "They were there Sunday night and gone Monday morning."

Dugan says he is dumbfounded by the disappearances. The Careccias were high school sweethearts who recently reconnected and blended their families.

"They had plans; they have kids," says Dugan. "There's no reason why they would disappear."

Last Sunday was Father's Day, and the couple hung out with their family in Maricopa, where they all live on the same property. But the next morning, nobody could find them.

"We know we saw them Sunday night at 10 or 10:30, and woke up the next morning and we assumed they had left to run errands in town," Dugan says. "Come to find out they never made it and we don't know what happened in between time."

Volunteers have searched incessantly the last five days. And the reward has grown over the course of the search. It's now up to $1,000 from Silent Witness, and the family will give $3,000 to anybody who can help bring the couple home.

The family is hoping for a huge turnout of volunteers to search this weekend.

"We're turning stuff up all the time, little tidbits and stuff here and there," says Dugan. "We're forwarding it to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, and they're following up on it."


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