Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alicia's Deals – Hot Deals For Summer

See all of Alicia's Deals at www.dealsinaz.com or check out facebook.com/aliciasdeals and Twitter @aliciasdeals.

Chef Mark Tarbell

Tarbell's is at 3213 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix. Call 602.955.8100 or visit www.tarbells.com

Medifast Weight Control Centers

For information, visit www.medifastarizona.com or call 602-996-9669.

Dad Squad- Making time for kids in a busy work life 

Have a question or topic for our Dad Squad? Send it to yourlife@azfamily.com or www.facebook.com/YourLifeAtoZ

LaserMed Solutions - Radio Frequency 

For more information on LaserMed Solutions, visit www.lasermedrf.com or call 480.664.2081. If you call today, book in, and mention YLAZ, you will receive 40% off on 4 sessions of Pelleve, a regular price of $2400 

JCPenney – Summer Prints

See more styles online at www.JCPenney.com

E.D. Marshall Jewelers

 When it's time to purchase or sell jewelry, fine timepieces & collectables, E.D. Marshall Jewelers, in business since 1971, is prepared to assist with all your needs. Mention this segment on 3TV & receive an extra 3%. Call 1-800-245-3142 or visit www.EdMarshallBuys.com

Core Sleep Solutions

For more information visit CoreSleepSolutions.com or call 602-866-1429. “Your Life A to Z” receive a free home sleep test from Core Sleep Solutions. This offer is valued at $450, so call now!