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Elderly couple relieved to have $500 back after RV purchase gone wrong

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When it comes to traveling, Rose Miller and Dan Kloack do it in style because most of their traveling is done in a trailer that they pull.

"We have a fifth wheel, but I will not drive and Dan wants to upgrade a little bit so we can both drive," Miller explained.

After looking around, the couple found a used motor home. It was advertised as a 2005 Sun Seeker.

Miller and Kloack called the owner, and they all agreed to meet at a Mesa storage facility where the motor home was being kept.

Although it wasn't in as good as shape as they thought it would be, the couple settled on a price of $27,000.

But before handing over all that money, Miller and Kloack wanted to see the title, a great move all consumers should make when purchasing a vehicle.

That owner apparently said she would have to find it, which Miller and Kloack found suspicious.

Regardless, the couple did hand over a $500 deposit just the owner wouldn't sell it to somebody else in the meantime.

"In good faith, we wanted her to know that we were interested in it and everything."

Things got real dicey when the seller was slow coming up with that title

"She just kept saying the title was clear, but it changed from being in her son's name to her and her son's, to her husband's was on it but signed off."

The title eventually showed up, but Miller and Kloack didn't like what they saw on it.

"I went and grabbed it from her and looked at it and I said, '2004? You advertised it as a 2005,' and she started with an explanation and I said, 'Save your lies.'"

Had Miller and Kloack run the motor home's VIN through CarFax or other similar sites, they would have been alerted in advance.

With too many red flags at this point, they said the transaction just didn't feel right. Miller and Kloack asked for their $500 back.

"'We're not gonna buy your RV. There's too many discrepancies in the story, and I want my money back.' She was screaming at me, 'I'm not giving you your money back.'"

3 On Your Side got involved and found numerous other online ads from the same seller trying to unload other items, including another RV.

When 3 On Your Side contacted the seller by phone, she initially hung up.

She later called back and, after a lengthy discussion, she agreed to return that $500 she took from Miller and Kloack.

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