Wednesday, June 24, 2015: Shrimp Salad and Grilled Beef Flat Iron Prime by Chef Jacques Qualin


Shrimp Salad, Champagne Vinegar Dressing

For Champagne Vinegar Beurre Blanc

2.3 oz Shallots, minced

14 oz Champagne vinegar: 1/2 oz reserved

½ tbsp. Salt

8.2 oz Heavy cream

8 oz Butter, cut in cubes

Pinch cayenne pepper

In a 1 gallon sauce pot combine vinegar, shallots and salt and reduce until dry. Add cream and reduce to syrup, then whisk in butter, piece by piece (warm gently as necessary). Whisk in reserved vinegar and a pinch of cayenne and hold in a warm water bath during service.

For House Vinaigrette

1/2 C Soy sauce

1/2 C Balsamic vinegar

1/2 C Fresh lemon juice

11/2 C Olive oil

1 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp White pepper, freshly ground through pepper mill

Mix all ingredients, except oil in a bowl, then slowly drizzle oil in while whisking.

To Serve

1 Shrimp butterflied

Mixed greens

House dressing

¼ Avocado sliced

Enoki mushrooms

Tomato diced

Coarse salt

Cracked black pepper

Season shrimp with salt and cayenne put on a buttered sizzler platter and cook under salamander. Make a bed of mixed greens. Add avocado, tomato and enoki. Arrange on salad and champagne vinegar sauce over shrimp.

Grilled Beef Flat Iron Prime, Cherry Mustard, Mustard Green, Purple Potato Chips

For the marinade:

6 oz garlic oil

4 oz shallots, sliced thin

¼ bunch rosemary

½ bunch thyme

8 pc kaffir lime leaves, chopped

2 oz orange peel, pit removed

1 oz fish sauce

3 oz sesame oil

½ tbsp. dried Thai chili crushed

4 pc of Prime Flat iron 8 oz each

Mix all the ingredient and let marinade for 4 hours. Take the beef of the marinade and season with salt than Grill to preferred temperature.

For the Mustard Paste:

3 tbsp. Coleman's mustards powder

2 tbsp. Water

Add the water to the mustard and mix with a rubber spatula to obtain a smooth paste.

For the Cherry Mustard:

½ oz Mustard Paste

1 tsp Salt

1 # Cherries, washed, stemmed and pitted

2 oz red wine vinegar

½ oz ruby port

1 oz Sugar

Mix the mustard paste and salt. In a pot, combine cherries, vinegar, port and sugar. Then simmer until syrupy. Puree until completely smooth. Then mix with the mustards.

For the Mustard Greens:

2 bunches of Mustard greens, ribs removed, washed well, dried and cut in chiffonade

1 oz Butter

1 tbsp. Mustard oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Melt a little butter in a pan until foamy and add mustard green. Season with salt and pepper and mustard oil. cook and transfer to a clean towel to remove excess liquid.

For the Purple Potatoes Chips:

1pc purple potato

Slice thin and wash in cold water. Fry in small batch at 325f, trying to keep that purple color. Drain over paper towel and season with salt.