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Update: Phoenix woman finally gets paid by former employer

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Jane Denton says her former employer finally paid her. (Source: 3TV) Jane Denton says her former employer finally paid her. (Source: 3TV)

The paycheck is for $1,800 and according to Jane Denton, she should have received that check months ago. After 3 On Your Side got involved, she finally got paid.

"She made good on her promise, and I appreciate that very much," Denton said.

Denton says after months of struggling financially her former employer finally paid her.

"I got the check today thank goodness," she said.

The check Denton is talking about is for more than $1,800, and she just recently received it from the company she used to work for - Ladino Talent Management.

In a previous 3 On Your Side report, Denton explained how she had been recruited by Ladino Talent Management for short-term employment. After putting in more than 100 hours' worth of work for the company's owner, Letia Ladino, Denton says she never got paid.

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"I am one paycheck away from being homeless," Denton said. "I'm one paycheck away from not being able to eat. I'm one paycheck away from not being able to take care of my granddaughter."

At the time, Ladino explained to 3 On Your Side that her company had gone through some financial problems that kept her from paying Denton.

"This is simply an unavoidable case of unfortunate events which I am taking responsibility for and trying to rectify as quickly as I can," she wrote in an email.

She promised 3 On Your Side that she would come up with Denton's paycheck, and that's exactly what she did.

According to Denton, Ladino finally mailed her the paycheck she's been waiting on, a check she says she probably never would have received if 3 On Your Side hadn't gotten involved.

"If you need some help, I highly recommend going to 3 On Your Side," she said. "It's amazing what you all do and I truly appreciate what you've done for me."

Ladino tells 3 On Your Side she always meant to pay Denton and now, it looks like she has. Ladino was good to work with, and we appreciate the issue being resolved.

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