Fans and organizers prepare for the heat at this year's Van's Warped Tour

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Fans getting ready for this year's Van's Warped Tour are preparing to spend hours in the sun and heat.

“Last year we did the same thing and it went well,” said Sarai Washington, carrying a jug of water in her hand.

“Piece of cake, as long as you come prepared, especially with the refill stations. Just fill it up and keeping drinking it,” said Angelique Felix, who also had a jug of water in her hand.

More than 50 bands will be performing at this year's Van's Warped Tour. This is the 21st time the musical event has come to the Valley. And it's the largest traveling music festival in the United States, showcasing all types of music.

But fans knew it would be a hot day ahead. “We pushed it to 1 so it will end at 10. We have a lot of misting fans; a giant slip and slide. We do free water and cheap water, bump up medical during these types of shows, but Arizona fans are tough they're ready to go out here,” said founder Kevin Lyman.

Ready to go is right, on the other side of the park from where the bands were showing up, fans began lining up early to get right up front to the stage.

The show is being held at Quail Run Park in Mesa near the Loop 202 and Greenfield.

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