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The heat is on for automobiles

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Check your tires for bulges, cracks and uneven tread wear. (Source: 3TV) Check your tires for bulges, cracks and uneven tread wear. (Source: 3TV)

The Arizona summer heat can take its toll on our vehicles and, of course, our tires.

Excessive heat warnings usually mean long days for AAA responders who are busy helping motorists like George Mehnert, who had a tire go out as he was driving.

"My right front blew out, and it just pulled me all the way across the road," he said.

As temperatures rise, AAA expects to see an increase in calls for help. In fact this summer alone, the auto club expects to get nearly 200,000 roadside calls for assistance. That is a 12 percent increase from a year ago.

"For us, typically what we do is we'll actually staff the roads even more," said Fernando Vazquez with AAA. "We'll bring more drivers in so we can have more drivers on the road because we know our call volume is going to go up."

According to Vazquez, tire failure is one of AAA's most common roadside calls.

Before you have a blowout or a tire that goes out, check all your tires for bulges, cracks and uneven tread wear. It's essential to make sure your tires are properly inflated.

"Because of the heat in Arizona, the air in the tire is going to fluctuate," Vazquez explained.

Your car battery has a strong likelihood of failing because of our heat, as well.

AAA says because of Arizona's desert climate, car batteries only last about 32 months. AAA suggests you visually inspect your car battery, clear any corrosion from the terminals and pay attention to dim headlights and clicking sounds when your start your car. Those are indicators that your battery won't last much longer.

A few preventative measures in advance sure can help down the road.

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