Ten Terrific All Natural Beauty Home Remedies By: Rachel Harris, Managedmoms.com

Ten Terrific All Natural Beauty Home Remedies

By: Rachel Harris, Managedmoms.com

Every time I show a beauty product my Mom always listens and is interested...and then she immediately tells me how one of her natural home remedy items would do the trick instead of spending money on a product. Our show makeup artist, Karen Hall agrees with Mom and has told me about some of the exact same solutions for beauty issues that are all natural and probably already in your cupboards. So take a look, save money and try these beauty solutions first. Let's go from head to toe...

Hair Help The Natural Way

*For dandruff with oily hair type - Try white vinegar or witch hazel. Simply dab a little on a cotton ball and treat the spot right there on the scalp. Only use the witch hazel if you have an oily hair type, not for dry hair.

*Natural Dry Shampoo - Save money here and simply rub a little bit of corn starch in hair around the scalp and brush through with a brush or comb. This will help to absorb excess oils and give you another day before you have to shampoo.

*Natural hair gel - My mom says that a little aloe vera will do the same thing that hair gel does, so this can work for both guys and girls.

*Tame flyaway hair - Mother tells me to use a teeny bit of jojoba oil to rid your hair of flyaways and to give it a nice natural shine. But use just a tiny bit.


*Mom's Anti Aging Face Cream - Her ritual has been to use a good unscented base cream like Tropical Traditions Moisturizing Cream and then follow it up with a little virgin organic coconut oil. The Tropical Traditions moisturizing creams are made with organic virgin coconut oil and virgin palm oil. Following that step with a little raw organic coconut oil locks in the moisture and provides a barrier from external and environmental elements that may interfere with her nightly face anti aging treatment as she sleeps.

Lovely Lips

*Chapped lips - Simply rub a little coconut oil on your kisser. Olive oil works well, too.

Hands & Nails

*Natural Anti Aging - For years my mother has rubbed olive oil on her hands and it has worked. Her hands still look youthful, even at 70 years old.

*Cuticles - Rub a bit of jojoba oil on your hands and nails every day.

For Feet

*Jojoba oil or coconut oil both work wonders on dry feet issues such as removing calluses uses with a good pumice stone.

What are your favorite all natural home remedies? Share in the comments section and be sure to check my blog at www.managedmoms.com for more beauty news, recipes, fitness tips and more.