Reward increases to $10K in Scottsdale murder case

Allison Feldman Allison Feldman
SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A reward was increased to $10,000 on Monday in the murder case of a Scottsdale woman.

Nearly four months after the murder of Allison Feldman, authorities still don't know who did it and why. 

The victim's parents were back in town Sunday to mark her birthday. She would have turned 32.

The victim's father, Harley Feldman, said the original $1,000 Silent Witness reward wasn't enough to draw some larger information.

"It's about people calling in with things that they know or things that they've seen," he explained.

He hopes it will lead to an arrest. 

Her parents are in the Valley remembering her at the home where she was found brutally murdered back on Feb. 18. On Sunday, they held an emotional birthday party around the pool that's in the backyard.

"She would've gone and had Moscato, which we're gonna have here with her today," Feldman's father, Harley, said. "She would have gone with her friends to a restaurant. That's the way she liked to celebrate."

DNA and fingerprints were collected from the murder scene at Feldman's home, but there have been no arrests. Feldman's father thinks more needs to be done to encourage tips to the police.

For nearly four months, the case has remained relatively quiet with no information on suspects or a motive. Scottsdale Police said Sunday they have no new updates.

"I know they're working hard, and I know they're making progress, and that's all I really know," Harley said.

Feldman's best friend, Katie McCartin, has faith there will be justice for Feldman's murder.

"I think we're so used to TV shows and movies where it's solved right away and sometimes that is the case," McCartin said. "I really, firmly believe that this is going to be solved. I truly do. I know there's going to be justice for Ally."

The Feldmans took the money they raised to Silent Witness Monday morning. 

If you know anything about her murder, call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. As always, callers can remain anonymous.