Community exceeds fundraising goal to make full-length documentary on UAB football

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UAB football's comeback story could be hitting a silver screen near you.

The community has exceeded a fundraising goal to help two UAB students create a documentary on the disbanding and reinstatement of the UAB football team.

The #FreeUAB movement started the day UAB President Dr. Ray Watts announced the termination of the football, rifle and bowling programs. Two of the university's film students captured scenes that played out in the days weeks and months that followed as #FreeUAB supporters fought for the reinstatement of football, rifle and bowling.

Students Kourtney Cowart and Michael Shikany compiled clips for a short documentary, 4th Down. The film ends by showing scenes from the exhibition spring football game in April.

A new film will cover the biggest development since then.

"Just ecstatic. That was something we had working six months for," Thanasis Nicolau said, recalling the day president Watts reinstated the once cancelled sports programs.

Nicolau joined dozens of other in the #FreeUAB movement. As supporters look to the future of UAB football, Nicolau wants the 4th Down film makers to capture that too.

"It's going to be a what's next for UAB kind of film," Nicolau said.

To get the project rolling, Nicolau launched a GoFundMe account. He said the money will go toward production costs.

"I think it will keep us on the map and help educate others about what's happening," Nicolau said.

Timothy Alexander, a vocal #FreeUAB supporter who makes several appearances in 4th Down, has high hopes for the full length film.

"It will show that students can come together to fight for their university. To fight for their experience here at UAB," he said.

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