Derek and Julianne Hough kick off tour in Phoenix

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Derek and Julianne Hough Derek and Julianne Hough
Derek and Julianne Hough Derek and Julianne Hough
Move Live On Tour Move Live On Tour
Julianne Hough Julianne Hough
Julianne Hough Julianne Hough

If you're looking for a fun Friday night dance party, consider your plans made. Dance superstars Derek and Julianne Hough are kicking off Move Live On Tour in Phoenix.

They arrived in the Valley earlier this week and when asked how it feels to be here, Julianne said, "We're just stoked!"

Derek explained, "We started dancing in the living room with our family, and that's what this is like ... dancing in a living room with a bigger family."

But that doesn't mean the professional dancers don't practice.

Derek and Julianne have been rehearsing stage numbers for the national tour and their first Phoenix show around the clock.

The siblings say there's only one way to describe their next 24 hours in the Valley.

"Chaos ... utter chaos," Derek sarcastically said.

"We've got like two run-throughs, dress rehearsal, I mean we're going to be nonstop pumping it out," Julianne added.

The show is centered around all types of dance, from contemporary to classical, jazz, tap and everything in between. But don't expect to just sit back and watch them perform.

"We literally get people up on their feet, we come into the audience, they come up on stage with us," Julianne explained.

"Our slogan is motion equals emotion," Derek said. "The way you move directly affects the way you feel and we want audiences to feel amazing."

When Julianne was asked if she ever gets nervous before going on stage, she replied, "Right before you go up on stage, like you have this feeling ... and then the minute you step out there it goes away because you're just present in that moment. But like right before, we'll look at each other and we'll be like, 'Woohoo, let's go!'"

And there's something about being on stage in Phoenix, Derek says, that makes him feel like there's no place he'd rather kick off their national tour.

"It kind of reminds me of home, of Utah, the desert," he said. "I just love the desert, something about it just, for me, makes me feel like safe, and at home, just comfortable."

And who wouldn't feel at home performing with family?

The brother-sister bond that Derek and Julianne share is so strong and unique, they've collaborated on a number of projects together.

When Julianne is asked how it feels performing with her brother, Derek first replies, "It's wonderful!" Then says, laughing and looking at Julianne, "Well, you should answer, she asked you, sorry." And Julianne replies, also laughing, "No, go for it ... what's it like working with your brother?" Then she says, "It's great, I think that we're really lucky."

Derek then adds, "To be able to do something that you love, with somebody that you love, is a very special thing."

The show starts at 8 p.m. at Comerica Theatre.

Tickets are still available for purchase at the box office or online through

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