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Five Money Lessons

Jeff Schetter of Alliance Bank has a few money tips for your kids this summer and tells us the importance of financial literacy at a young age.

Here are five money lessons that parents can teach their children at home this summer:

1. How to build a balanced budget: Summer vacation planning is the perfect time to start teaching kids about budgeting. Discussing questions like, "Where will we go?" "What will we do?" and "How much will we spend?" can start guiding children through the decision-making and conscious-spending process. First, start allocating funds to basic needs of the trip like hotel, food and gasoline. Then, discuss that fun activities and souvenirs can only be purchased if you budget the right amount of money.

2. How to make important buying decisions (wants vs. needs): Review your household budget or a sample budget with your kids. Help them understand what a balanced budget is and that the goal is to save more money than you spend. Explain that there are items we need like shelter and food, which we have to spend money on right away. But, there are also things that we want, like new shoes, a cell phone and toys, which can wait until we have saved enough money to purchase them.

3. The importance of interest: Say you're in a store and your child points to the teddy bear on the shelf and says, "Can you buy that for me?" Instead of handing over the teddy bear, offer to loan your child a small amount of money, provided that they pay you back the same amount within 30 days. Remind them often that if they can't pay on time, you'll add more money to what they already owe until they pay all the money back. One day past the deadline, tell your child how much you are adding and explain to them why they owe more.

4. The correlation between learning and earning: Setup a sample budget based on what your kids want, using the internet to help you find the relative prices for those items. Then, determine the average monthly income of a high school graduate, someone post-secondary training, someone with a Bachelor's degree, and someone with a Master's degree. This shows how much money they need to earn to have the things they want and how that correlates with their level of education.

5. The importance of being a contributing member of their community: Chores that are tied to earning money are a great way to help kids learn about their role in a family unit and gives them a glimpse at what is required of community members. An effective tool is myjobchart.com which helps parents set up and track chores for their children, along with prompting discussions about saving, giving and spending.

Hot Pool Gear

Lifestyle expert Val Lodato shows us the best finds for your beach getaway this summer.

This is the season for pool parties and you want to dress comfy and look cool.

Vacay-is a collection of pool chic, convertible dresses and summer staples that we have fallen in love with!

Five or six pieces of this fashionable apparel will stretch into about a dozen summer chic outfits! Everything is made of high quality, wrinkle-resistant fabrics and each collection comes with a wardrobe card, so you know how to style the outfits, and what matches with what. Pieces are sold separately for $50-$158 or - $500 for an entire collection. www.vacaystyle.com

TEES by TINA-Great way to stretch your Vacay pieces and be comfy poolside is with a couple basic tees and tanks! Look what we found at Tees by Tina - another easy to throw in your pool bag, comfy apparel line. These tops are flattering and they won't wrinkle either- http://www.teesbytina.com

Prima Donna Jewelry- It's a dream to find fashionable and affordable - read, under $20 necklaces that can glam up a tank or simple maxi! We found these fun necklaces from ShopPrimaDonna.com - all are under $20! A must-have for your next pool party! http://shopprimadonna.com/jewelry/necklaces.html

Time for the perfect pool sandals: with BareTraps- comfort meets fashion! BareTraps come in several neutral colors, with bling, flowers or other embellishments and they won't drown your bank account - most are under $40!


Now to some sassy swimsuits!

Versakini will stretch your swim wardrobe! This 8-in-1 reversible and interchangeable swimsuit is unlike any other bikini! The color combos are fresh and fun - change it up based on your mood. $79 at http://www.versakini.com

WET Swimwear- If you prefer a one-piece, we are loving WET Swimwear! At WET, we found the go-to classic black one-piece if you happen to be to bashful to sport a bikini! These suits are flattering, comfortable and can even double as tanks!


No pool party would be complete without a fashion or beauty emergency! We are loving Pinch Provisions Mini Emergency Kits! The tiny totes are packed with all the essentials to solve your problems. Truly a "don't leave home without it" type product!


Speaking of mishaps: don't let a broken arm or leg ruin your summer! DryPro waterproof cast covers allow adults and children to jump in the pool, lake and ocean, or simply take a shower without fear of damaging their cast! The vacuum seal, waterproof technology is patented and created by a doctor. It's the most-advanced and effective protective gear for medical device wearers on the market. Once DryPro is properly applied over a cast, the cast can be fully submerged underwater without the possibility of leakage. Starting at $35.95 -


Girl Poolside

Valley Chef and Restaurateur Kevin Binkley you how to make a summer poolside Ladies Night-In memorable. Keep your party food light and refreshing this summer as the temps go higher.

One way to cool yourself is a Gazpacho and Seasonal Cocktail on the table.

Gazpacho w/ Sweet Shrimp Cup - $5/Bowl - $9


Red Onion Lg Dice 305g

Celery LG Dice 360g

Red Bell Pepper Lg Dice 217g

Hot House Cucumber Peeled and Sliced 1640g

Early Girl Tomatoes Stemmed and ¼ 3730g

Jewel of Tuscany 70g

Red wine Vinegar 65g

Kosher Salt 60g

Telicherry Pepper .5g

Layer the ingredients above in a bucket in the order they are listed. Press overnight with another bucket filled with something fairly heavy to press and extract the juices from all of the ingredients. Puree the next day, push through a chinoise and then repeat. Once pureed and strained twice chill immediately.


Soup 250g

Oregon Sweet Shrimp 15g

Peeled Cucumber Sm Dice 4g

Red Bell Pepper SM Dice 2g

Yellow Bell Pepper Sm Dice 2g

Shaved Red Onion .5g

Baby basil Leaves .5g

Jewel of Tuscany for Tossing 2g

Red Wine Vinegar for Tossing 1g

Kosher Salt.3g

Olive Oil for Garnish 3g

Toss all ingredients except the shaved red onion, baby basil leaves and olive oil for garnish. Place the soup in the bowl, spoon the garnish in the middle and a line on the rim. Garnish with shaved red onion, baby basil leaves and olive oil.

State 48 fashion

State Forty Eight is a locally-based clothing company headed by three young entrepreneurs from Chandler. State Forty Eight offers quality T-shirts, tanks, hats and beyond, that allow men, women and children to express their pride and passion for Arizona in a fashionable way--and for tourist, a stylish souvenir to take home. From its outdoor enthusiasts to its sports fans, State Forty Eight has something for everyone.

State 48 invites you to join them at its annual Renaissance Hotels Global #DayOfDiscovery! The event kicks off with Discovery hour at 6pm, in the lobby, and as the night transitions, venture downstairs and experience 26 Blocks, along with a product launch with friends at State Forty Eight. Head out there and enjoy food, arts, and entertainment!

The event takes place on Thursday, June 11 from 6pm to 10pm and the best part is it's FREE.

Renaissance Hotel Phoenix (downtown)

50 E. Adams St

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Dick's Sporting Goods Jobs

Dick's Sporting Goods wants to hire 70 employees for its new location at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The company will be hiring for both full-time and part-time positions, including management and sales associateds. The new store is expected to open in July.

Harkins Theatres Showing "The Goonies" in Celebration of Classic Film's 30th Anniversary

Harkins Theatres presents classic adventure comedy "The Goonies" in celebration of the beloved film's 30th anniversary. The one-night-only showtime is part of Harkins' Tuesday Night Classic series where for only $5, moviegoers can enjoy classic flicks the way they were meant to be seen - on the BIG screen!

Tuesday, June 9, 7 p.m.

Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18

Chandler Fashion 20

Scottsdale 101 14

Superstition Springs 25

Tempe Marketplace 16

For more information on Harkins' Tuesday Night Classics, visit http://www.harkinstheatres.com/TNC.