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Peoria woman says contractor 'stone walled' her refund

Karen Sharp said she waited two months for a refund. (Source: 3TV) Karen Sharp said she waited two months for a refund. (Source: 3TV)

Cooper is a curious, rambunctious boxer pup who loves playing outside, and that concerns his human mom, Karen Sharp.

"I was afraid he would go over the wall which is only a few feet tall," she said. "The rest are 6 feet and the other ones needed to be built up."

This is the pony wall she wanted to be heightened.

When she started looking for somebody to heighten her pony wall, Sharp came across a company called Sonoran Enviroscapes owned by Bob Petrone.

"Bob Petrone's name was on there. I called him, and he came over and gave me an estimate and needed to have $1,200 before he started the project," Sharp said.

She said she gave Petrone the $1,200 back in December, and then waited for her homeowners association to approve her decision to make her wall higher.

The HOA eventually denied her request.

In late March, Sharp says she asked Petrone for her money back.

"When I asked for a refund, he was like, 'Oh sure, no problem, and I've never seen anything since,'" she said.

Fast forward two months and Sharp contacted 3 On Your Side.

We discovered that Bob Petrone was once a planning commissioner for the City of Glendale. He also ran unsuccessfully for a City Council seat.

3 On Your Side went to his Glendale home to find out what he did with Sharp's $1,200.

Nobody answered, so we left a business card. Petrone called and said not returning Sharp's money was simply an oversight.

Not only did he say he would return the money but he brought the check to our studios the next day.

Sharp said she could not have gotten her refund without 3 On Your Side's help.

"I'm excited!" she said. "I never thought I was going to see this again so I'm very happy!"

Petrone was good to work with, and we certainly appreciate him returning that money so quickly after 3 On Your Side's involvement.

Again, he said it was simply an oversight and apologized for the inconvenience.

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