Home Depot Debbie: DIY patio decor

Mosaic tile pots, stepping stones and umbrella stand/side table

-Tile, large tile or pre-made 12-by-12-inch sheets of mosaic tiles
-Terra-cotta pot, terra-cotta saucer, umbrella and stepping stones
-AcrylPro Pre-Mixed Thinset
-Pre-mixed Fusion grout (has sealer already in it)
-Clear contact paper
-Tools: Hammer, hand trowel, tile float, grout sponge, bucket, towel

-To break tile into mosaic tile pieces, place large tile on one end of towel, fold other half of towel over the tile.
-Hit the tile with the corner of the hammer head in multiple places, checking under towel to see where else you need to hit. (If hit with hammer head on, tile will shatter.)

For stepping stones:
-Place tile pieces all over stepping stone as if putting a puzzle together.
-Add a decorative piece in the center if desired.
-Place a piece of clear contact paper over the top to keep tiles in place when removing them to put the Thinset down to adhere them.
-Cover stepping stone with Thinset using a trowel.
-Place tiles on top and press down.
-Let dry for 24 hours.
-Grout with Fusion brand grout (has sealer in it)

For side table/umbrella stand
-Drill hole in terra-cotta saucer large enough to fit desired umbrella pole.
-Seal inside of saucer with paint primer or terra-cotta sealer.
-Butter each mosaic piece and place like puzzle pieces, let dry 24 hours.
-Apply grout with grout float using Fusion brand grout. Wipe off all excess with wet tile sponge, after 24 hours, wipe off any residual haze.
-Place terra-cotta pot in desired location.
-Fill the pot with sand.
-Set mosaic tile saucer on the top of the pot.
-Insert umbrella and enjoy! 
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